What to Know about Adding a Diving Board to Your Backyard Pool

KEN KING What to Know about Adding a Diving Board to Your Backyard Pool Jan 11, 2023
What to Know about Adding a Diving Board to Your Backyard Pool

A diving board can certainly be a welcome addition to a backyard swimming pool, although there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to adding a diving board to your pool. The short answer to the question posed above is that it depends on the size of your pool. If you have a cozy backyard pool, it’s not practical or safe to add a diving board to your San Diego swimming pool. Keep reading to learn more about what to consider with pools and diving boards.

Basic Requirements

At the very least, you’ll need a pool that’s 16 by 32 feet to have a diving board that can be safely used in your pool. If you don’t have a pool large enough for a diving board or one shaped in a way that allows a diving board to be attached, consider working with a pool builder to adjust the shape of your pool, if possible, or have your current pool extended in either direction or on all sides. Whether this is possible depends on the size of your yard, where your pool is located, and what works for your budget.

Additional Considerations

The height of your diving board also needs to be kept in mind. Before you settle on a height for your board, talk to an experienced pool builder to determine what height limit applies to your pool. Additionally, check with your local municipality to see what codes apply. Also, check with your pool’s manufacturer or builder to determine what needs to be kept in mind to avoid invalidating or voiding your existing warranty coverage. On a related note, also check with your homeowners insurance provider. You may wish to purchase additional insurance coverage, since a diving board increases potential risks.

The type of diving board you plan to have should be considered as well. If you go with a springboard, you’ll need more depth than what’s required with a traditional stationary board. If you have a smaller pool, you’ll be better off with a diving board closer to the pool’s surface.

Diving Board Size Options

There are multiple size options with diving boards. You can always go with something that falls in the middle. Also, remember you’ll have less shallow space, since water depth needs to be kept in mind with the location for your diving board. If you have kids or non-swimming household members, you may want to keep as much shallow space as possible by going with a board that’s a bit smaller.

Whether you’re looking to update your pool’s existing features or you’re getting ready to build a brand-new pool in your backyard, make sure to work with the finest professionals in the industry. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of pool design and new swimming pool construction. San Diego homeowners should call us today at 888-707-7786. We offer complimentary consultations and professional conceptual designs with all of our estimates.