Why Should I Have a Deck Built for My Swimming Pool?

Why Should I Have a Deck Built for My Swimming Pool?

Whether you already have a swimming pool or you’re just now having one built, it’s a good idea to explore your options for the space immediately surrounding it. If you add a pool deck, this area can become a much-appreciated enhancement to your property. Keep reading to discover some of the top benefits of building a deck for your pool.

Improve Comfort & Safety

It’s a given that pool users will be barefoot. What a deck for your pool can do is provide an immediately accessible surface for anyone getting in and out of the pool to comfortably step on. A smooth deck can also serve as a safe surface for kids to walk around on as they use the pool. A slip-resistant coating can be applied as well to increase the safety of a deck next to your gunite pool. In San Diego, pool owners might want to boost safety even more by putting see-through fencing between the pool and the deck.

Create Extra Space for Other Outdoor Activities

Building a deck for your pool gives you plenty of additional ways to use your outdoor space. If you have enough space, a poolside deck can give you room to enjoy activities such as:

• Barbecuing or grilling
• Sunbathing
• Relaxing under an umbrella-shaded table and chair set
• Doing yoga or other forms of exercise

A larger adjacent deck could provide a safe play area for your kids when they’re not swimming. You can even add a hot tub to your poolside deck if you have the space.

Add Beauty & Value to Your Home

A pool deck can be designed to suit your preferences and needs in a way that adds both beauty and value to your home. With traditional decking, you can have a beautiful wood or composite deck. Concrete is another traditional option, although it can have a modern flair if you go with stamped or decorative concrete.

Paver pool decks can also give you a more modern look if you go with a customized design. Pool decking can even have built-in benches with hidden storage compartments or fountains that flow into your pool. A well-designed deck can boost the curb appeal and value of your home in a way buyers will appreciate if you decide to move at a later time.

Make Your Pool More of a Backyard Focal Point

Both in-ground and above-ground pools can become enhanced backyard focal points with attached or nearby decks. A deck can be appreciated even more if you’re limited on space. What’s more, you can make your pool deck more of a focal point with an assortment of landscaping features, fencing, or other additions. This can certainly be beneficial in a place like San Diego, where pools are often enjoyed well into the later months of the year.

Whether they’re looking for premier professionals to design additional features for their existing pools or seeking experts for new in-ground pool installation, San Diego residents should reach out to the team at San Diego Pools. We’ve been designing and building pools for almost half a century, and we pride ourselves on our innovation and outstanding craftsmanship. To learn more about our exceptional service, give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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