All about Beach Entry Pools

All about Beach Entry Pools

Pools with a typical slope from land to water and one or more sides are referred to as beach entry or zero entry pools. The objective is to give the pool a look similar to that of a beach, adding more overall appeal to your home. Your family can add various features, such as waterfalls, sand, and tanning ledges, to this luxurious type of pool to give it even more of a beach appearance. Keep reading to learn more about this example of modern pool design.

Adds Appeal

This specific type of pool is trendy among some homeowners due to its ability to provide a beach-like appearance for the home. Instead of going to a public beach, your family can take some time to relax, swim, and have fun in the backyard. The slopes of the pool are there for more than just appearance. They allow multiple entry points into the main pool instead of ladders, steps, or stairs that can lead to slips, falls, and other accidents or injuries. Overall, this selection can make your pool look more luxurious regardless of your backyard’s landscaping style.

Makes It Easier for All to Access & Enjoy

The objective of a swimming pool is to provide features everyone will love, regardless of age or preferences. Although this is difficult with traditional options, a beach entry pool has multiple functions everyone can enjoy. For example, the wading experience involves the water getting deeper as you take steps further into the pool. As a result, the pool is more user-friendly for family members and friends of all ages, allowing children, middle-aged adults, and seniors to go as far as their swimming skills and height permit.

In addition to having multiple functions everyone can enjoy, safety risks can decrease. In most instances, even non-swimmers can have fun safely. This is due to the pool’s similarity to the beach. The upper edge is used as a tanning surface, allowing your family to relax, drink beverages, and have fun.

Boosts Property Value

If you choose to sell your home in the future, it will likely be one of the most sought-after properties because of this specific pool feature. Boosting your property value could also lead to better credit options due to a more favorable loan-to-value ratio. You’re also less likely to be a risky investment for lenders.


Before building a beach entry pool in your backyard, it’s crucial to speak with professionals to ensure you make the selection that’s within your budget and meets local and federal regulations. A beach entry pool’s design and technology may differ for each homeowner, so it’s fine to take time and learn more about how it’s built, including gradual slopes into the body of water. Professionals can tell you how much backyard space is needed and how to deal with limited spacing. You’ll also learn if a new in-ground pool is necessary or if the company can add the beach entry feature to your existing pool. 

If you’re getting ready to build a pool for your home, make sure to work with an experienced pool designer. San Diego homeowners trust the expert team from San Diego Pools. We specialize in every aspect of pool and spa construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas and custom pool design. San Diego homeowners should call us today at 888-707-7786. We offer complimentary consultations and professional pool conceptual designs with all of our estimates.

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