Can I Check My Pool Water with an App?

Can I Check My Pool Water with an App?

With mobile apps, you can remotely operate a home security system, change your home’s temperature, and control the lights. If you’re wondering if there’s an app that checks pool water chemicals and shows how to balance them, there are several. Here’s an overview of how they work and facts about five top-rated ones.

What Is an Automated Pool System?

This setup has computer software, a panel, and technology that tracks pool water chemicals. Systems can be wireless or wired. A wireless system uses the internet and links to your home WiFi, communicating with your pool panel. Then you can adjust the water chemistry by issuing certain commands. Typically, both wired and wireless systems include remote controls. This way, you can manage the pool conditions from anywhere in your home.

How Does a Pool App Work?

Most automated pool systems also come with mobile apps that execute the same functions as a pool panel. The app connects your smartphone to the automated pool system so you can change the pool chemistry from anywhere. You can even adjust the cleaning settings while on vacation. Thus, when you return home, you won’t need to rebalance the pool chemistry and eliminate algae buildup.

There are many apps for both iOS and Android smartphones. Here are a few of the best:

Pool Doctor (iOS)

With this masterful app, you check your pool chemistry using a test kit. You can use Pool Doctor with a regular, bromine, or salt water pool. First, you enter the test results. The app then tells you what products to add and why. You can evaluate several pool water parameters, including: 

  • pH
  • Water hardness
  • Total alkalinity
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Salt level
  • Cyanuric acid

Moreover, Pool Doctor calculates the ideal amount of pool shock, a granular chlorine powder. Its purpose is to quickly boost the free chlorine level, which destroys algae, bacteria, and chloramines in the water. “Shocking” your pool is the process of adding this powder. The app also records your chemical readings and treatments, tracking them over time.

Pooli (Android & iOS)

This software gives you detailed assessments of hot tub and pool water chemistry. First, submerge a test strip in your pool for 15 seconds. Next, aim your smartphone camera at the test strip while the Pooli scanner processes the readings. You’ll get an analysis of basic pool chemicals along with the following:

  • Phosphates
  • Borates
  • Copper
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)

Then Pooli tells you which products to add, the right amounts, and the appropriate order. It also announces price discounts on maintenance chemicals. Moreover, you’ll gain tips for keeping your hot tub or pool water healthy. Meanwhile, the app can monitor your water usage and pool chemical purchases.

Pool Smart (iOS)

If you’re new to pool maintenance, this app is for you. Pool Smart gives you a task checklist for opening your pool, testing the water, and closing the pool for the season. It also teaches you the fundamentals of pool water chemical balance.

First, input your pool’s size, construction material, finish, and test kit readings. Next, the app will calculate the precise amounts of the chemicals needed to balance the pool water. Pool Smart converts the amount of each product from pounds into cups, facilitating easy measuring so you add the right quantities for your particular pool. This way, you save money on unnecessary chemicals or excessive dosages. 

Meanwhile, Pool Smart flags the presence of algae, stains, scaling, and corrosive substances and explains how to remedy these problems. You can also have Pool Smart alert you when the pool water level is verging on too high or too low.

Pool Pal (Android)

Consider this app if you have more than one swimming pool or run a professional pool service company. Pool Pal evaluates the water chemicals for multiple pools and tells you which balancing products to add.

Pool Pal goes beyond analyzing the basic pool maintenance chemicals. It also measures borates, filter flow, and water pressure. Moreover, the app tells you when to “backwash” the pool filter, which involves cleaning it by reversing the water flow.

Additionally, you’ll have direct access to the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI). This reference shows the optimal level of calcium carbonate in pool water. A healthy range is -0.3 to +0.3. A test reading of less than 0 indicates corrosive water, and anything above 0 warns of scale formation.

To use Pool Pal, input your pool size and test strip readings. Then the app will tell you what chemicals to add to the pool water and how much. The software also enables you to track test readings and chemical changes.

Pool Cloud (iOS)

This app is designed for both new and experienced pool owners. Once you input a water test reading, Pool Cloud determines the chemical types and optimal amounts your pool water needs to be healthy. It also shows the water level.

As you finish each maintenance task, the app runs its calculations in the background. Meanwhile, graphs display your water test readings, comparing them to the ideal ranges. This way, you can recognize patterns in your pool water levels, such as chlorine usage. You can also set a reminder to make routine pool service appointments.

Moreover, Pool Cloud features:

  • Video tutorials
  • Detailed maintenance advice
  • Popular articles by Swim University
  • A search tool to find local reliable pool service companies

Thus, Pool Cloud gives you a lot of pool maintenance tools and information.

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