All about Infinity Pools

All about Infinity Pools

If you have an amazing view from your property, which is entirely possible if you live in the San Diego area, it’s only natural to want to take full advantage of it. A functional and eye-catching way to do this is with an amazing pool design in San Diego i.e. infinity pool. If you’re new to this uniquely appealing and visually engaging design concept for in-ground pools, keep reading to learn more.

What Exactly Is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool is so named because it appears to be boundless or endless. What’s also called a zero edge pool creates this optical illusion with one side that looks as if it disappears into the horizon. The resulting trick of the eye makes it look like there’s no separation between the water in the pool and the surroundings immediately beyond the pool’s edge.

Why Consider an Infinity Pool?

The main reasons to go with an infinity pool are because you really want that “wow” factor and you have a really stunning landscape in need of an equally impressive design element. After all, it’s an intriguing design that instantly mystifies and certainly catches the eye. An infinity pool also has the potential to:

• Boost your property’s curb appeal and value
• Act as a can’t-miss focal point
• Serve as a perfect place to enjoy your view, even on hot summer days

How Do You Get the Infinity Pool Edge?

The characteristic edge is much like the edge of any in-ground swimming pool. The difference is that one section has a dip to allow water to flow over the edge. The overflow goes into a strategically placed catchment basin. The “disappearing edge” that appears to fade off into the distance is created by avoiding the use of a visible cap. Instead, there’s nothing at the deck level to call attention to the pool’s edge. The other three edges are designed like those of a traditional pool.

Where Should You Place Your Infinity Pool?

Location is especially important with an infinity pool. It needs to be placed in an appropriate setting that creates the desired horizon illusion when the pool is viewed from a distance. Also, because this is such a striking design element, you should place it in a location where the view in the distance perfectly complements the pool. Lastly, when it comes to placement, you ideally need a location with a significant drop-off beyond where the pool will rest.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Absolutely! The disappearing edge is just an optical illusion. As is the case with any pool, you’ll reach a wall once you get to the edge.

How Are Infinity Pools Maintained?

Because infinity pool technology is a bit more complicated than traditional in-ground pool components, maintenance is a little more involved. For instance, the water catchment basin will need to be cleaned periodically. The filtration system and water pump will also need regular attention. Also, be aware that water will evaporate faster than what’s common with a typical pool because it goes over the edge into a lower basin.

If you’re ready for an infinity pool of your own, reach out to the professionals at San Diego Pools, one of the best San Diego pool companies homeowners and businesses have trusted for more than four decades. Our number one priority is giving our customers nothing less than the highest quality in innovative design and outstanding craftsmanship. Call us today at 888-707-7786 so we can begin the process of creating the pool of your dreams.

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