Why Should I Have a Hot Tub Installed by My Pool?

KEN KING Why Should I Have a Hot Tub Installed by My Pool? Jul 18, 2021
Why Should I Have a Hot Tub Installed by My Pool?

First off, if you’ve already decided you wish to move forward with plans to invest in a hot tub, congratulations! Should this be the case, you may now be wondering just where to put this new feature you’re so excited about. If you haven’t yet explored the possibility of outdoor placement, take a moment to discover some of the top reasons to have an experienced pool contractor install a hot tub next to your pool.

Flexibility with Placement

Because a hot tub typically has its own plumbing, it doesn’t have to be directly up against your pool. For example, it could still be close to your pool but situated a bit closer to your deck or patio for added convenience. This can also be a great way to have quick access to an outdoor hot tub during times of the year when you’re not using your pool as much.

Enhancing Your Pool’s Design

Conversely, if you want to have your hot tub tied directly into your pool’s design, this goal can be accomplished as well. For instance, you might place a stone border around your hot tub if it’s the same type of stone you’re already using for your pool deck. A hot tub can even be placed in a way that gives your pool a more appealing shape.

Creating a Spill-Over Effect

Another reason to install a hot tub next to a pool is for the aesthetic possibilities. For example, a pool-adjacent hot tub can be designed in a way that makes it look like water is spilling over the edge into the pool like a waterfall—although this isn’t really what’s happening, thanks to some clever design tricks.

Making Your Backyard More Inviting

Installing a hot tub next to your pool can make your backyard a hot spot for friends and family members. For instance, kids could enjoy the pool while the adults enjoy a more relaxing time in the hot tub. Furthermore, you’ll have more of an incentive to host outdoor gatherings, fire up the grill for some eating before any water-based fun, or simply enjoy a cozy evening under the stars while soaking in warm, soothing water.

Inspiring Other Backyard Updates

If a hot tub next to your pool makes your backyard more inviting, you could very well be inspired to make other backyard updates. Possible options include:

• Installing lights around your pool and hot tub to allow for evening use
• Updating your landscape
• Adding a gazebo or other covered structure above the hot tub area to provide shelter from the elements

Added Health Benefits

A pool can be good for your health, since it presents many ways to stay active without overstressing your joints, bones, and muscles. A hot tub next to your pool can be just as beneficial and a perfect complement to the perks that go along with swimming. In fact, the heat generated by the hot tub could help you out by:

• Providing relief from minor aches and pains
• Promoting overall relaxation and stress relief
• Boosting circulation

When you’re ready to add a hot tub next to your pool, reach out to the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re the San Diego pool and spa experts homeowners and businesses have trusted for more than four decades. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how we can add just the right features that make your pool the one you’ve always dreamed of.