How to Build the Right Swimming Pool for You

KEN KING How to Build the Right Swimming Pool for You Nov 7, 2021
How to Build the Right Swimming Pool for You

The “best” swimming pool is one that fits your personal preferences and remains inviting and welcoming for anyone using it. This may sound simple enough. However, it can be somewhat overwhelming if you’re just getting ready to invest in a pool for your backyard and still fine-tuning your decisions. Continue reading to discover some things to consider as you go about making or planning the best swimming pool for your needs, preferences, and budget.

Set Your Budget

Before you start making your swimming pool wish list, determine how much you can realistically spend on this particular investment. The good news here is that an experienced pool builder can recommend ways to keep your budget in check while still giving you the basic things you want in a swimming pool.

Make Decisions about Size, Shape, & Location

Next, make what you consider the best swimming pool by finalizing some basic decisions. This is when you pick the preferred size, shape, and location for your pool. With all of these things, consider the following factors:

• Available space in your yard
• What’s going to be convenient for you and other pool users
• Other features unique to your backyard, such as your existing landscape elements and the current location of your deck or patio

Even if you’re somewhat limited as to where you can have your new San Diego pool on your property, you can still get one that’s appealing and inviting. While square, round, and rectangular are the most common shapes for pools, there are creative shape and size variations that can work just as well.

Decide What Pool-Related Features You Prefer or Need

Once you have a general budget for your pool in mind and a good idea of what you’ll do when it comes to size, shape, and location, it’s time to decide what features you want included with your pool. Possibilities fitting into this category include:

• Serene spillways
• Pool lighting
• Waterfalls or bubblers
• Natural or artificial rock features

Also, consider any safety features you or others in your household may need. Features of this nature could include pool steps or specially designed handles that allow for a better grip.

Don’t Forget about the Area Around Your Pool

What you do with the area immediately around your pool also plays a role in what makes a swimming pool appealing. With this part of the pool creation and planning process, a stamped or decorative concrete pool deck, a pool-adjacent swim-up bar, and poolside seating are some of the options to consider. If it’s in your budget, you may also appreciate a pool-adjacent spa or a smaller separate pool if you have younger children.

Work with Your Pool Builder

Regardless of what you have planned, you’ll have a pool you absolutely love if you work with your builder as much as possible. This is something you can do by asking questions, being clear about your preferences, and offering your input and feedback as the building process progresses. It’s much easier to make adjustments during the building process than after everything is done. A builder can also help you out with any local guidelines for spacing and fencing.

If you’re getting ready to choose a pool for your home, make sure to work with the finest professionals in the pool-building industry. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of new swimming pool construction. San Diego homeowners should call us today at 888-707-7786. We offer complimentary consultations and professional pool conceptual designs with all of our estimates.