How to Fit a Pool into Your Small Backyard

How to Fit a Pool into Your Small Backyard

A pool can instantly give any backyard an added cool factor, both literally and aesthetically. But if you have a smaller backyard in San Diego, you may have concerns about whether or not a pool can actually be a welcome addition. The good news is the answer is often a resounding “yes,” especially if you keep the following suggestions in mind.

Go Beyond Traditional Pool Shapes

Depending on how your cozy backyard is set up, you may find a circular pool works well in a way that doesn’t make your outdoor space feel cramped. This is just one example of how nontraditional pool shapes can fit into smaller backyards without taking up too much space. Freeform pools with irregular curves or flowing lines tend to be especially effective in smaller yards.

Think “Combination” in Terms of Design

A pool may fit nicely into a smaller backyard if you combine it with existing hardscape features. For instance, if you have an existing concrete patio, you may be able to extend it far enough to use matching concrete around a square or round pool. What’s also great about creative cozy pool designs like this is that you can have a multipurpose outdoor space that’s ideal for grilling, socializing, and taking a refreshing dip.

Consider What You Can Remove to Make Room for a Pool

If you have your heart set on installing a pool in your small backyard, take stock of what you already have in place. Pay particular attention to anything you may be able to remove to create more space. Depending on the layout of your yard and what you have in it, this process might involve removing a garden bed or storing backyard clutter in a small shed to free up some space.

Go Long

Not every cozy backyard is small in all directions. For example, if you have a backyard that’s long but narrow, you may be able to enjoy a long rectangular pool.

Explore Tricks of the Eye

Creativity is what can make a custom outdoor pool fit perfectly into a smaller backyard. When discussing design options, consider tricks of the eye that can keep a pool from looking out of place. For instance, patterned, natural-hued tile around a flat pool can make it look like it seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

Use the Area Around the Pool Wisely

If you have concerns about a pool taking up every single available inch of space in your backyard, make wise use of the pool deck. One option is to go with a concrete pool deck that’s large enough to safely hold a few chairs and decorative potted plants.

Know What Materials You Can Use

Flexibility in pool shape and design is largely dependent on the materials used. Fiberglass pools are usually a bit limited in terms of customization for smaller backyards. However, vinyl liner and concrete pools can be customized in almost any shape that’s right for the available space, and smaller pools can still have many of the same features larger pools often have.

No matter which type of pool you decide to build, make sure to work with experienced professionals. From unique pool construction to custom gunite pool design, San Diego Pools can satisfy your every need. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786, and we’ll get started on designing the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

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