How Is Poolcore Defined?

How Is Poolcore Defined?

The poolcore aesthetic is rapidly gaining in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. There’s something about the clean lines of tile in a swimming pool mixing with the unique light patterns that form when sunlight filters through the water to generate a sense of tranquility. Still, there are many people who haven’t quite figured out what poolcore means, and exploring the unique characteristics of this trend can help you figure out how you can use it to improve your property’s aesthetics. Read on for an explanation of poolcore, brought to you by the experts from San Diego Pools, one of the most trustworthy and experienced San Diego pool companies.

Keep an Eye Out for the Defining Features

Other trending aesthetics can align with poolcore. Cleancore is another aesthetic that focuses more on hygiene, but you may see pools featured in the designs. Poolcore is all about celebrating the beauty of actual swimming pools. Usually, you’ll see defining features such as colored tile and sparkling water that may incorporate gentle waves or splashes along with shades of blue that highlight all that people love about swimming pools.

Explore Different Types of Pool-Based Art

The majority of the poolcore culture is focused on art. You’ll find vast amounts of photographic artwork online and in people’s homes that embrace this aesthetic. Many avid photographers love taking part in building up the poolcore trend by capturing images of swimming pools in various states. The artwork you’ll find ranges from realistic swimming pool photos to abstract pieces that zero in on the beauty of a set of perfectly aligned tiles or sunlight streaming through the blue water.

Think about the Feelings Poolcore Inspires

If the poolcore aesthetic resonates with you, a good starting point for incorporating it into your décor is to consider the mood you want to set. Many types of artwork and sculptures are created to inspire certain emotions. Some photos will bring to mind a dreamy state that induces feelings of relaxation and even a touch of whimsy. Others are meant to be nostalgic and generate reminders of happier times or childhood experiences. Since pools often have similar features, gazing at poolcore images can also inspire a feeling of liminality, or a sense of being between two spaces or times.

Find Ways to Incorporate Poolcore into Your Lifestyle

As with most aesthetic decorating forms, people often go all out and surround themselves with images, clothing, and décor that all fit into the theme. With poolcore, fashion is highlighted less than what you would see with cottagecore. You can still wear breezy loungewear like you would when you’re near your pool, but the focus is more on artwork that provides the desired effects.

Consider putting some photos of swimming pools on the walls in your sunroom or pool house, or you might opt for a 3D rendering that emphasizes pool tiles. Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll also want to make sure your swimming pool reflects the tranquility and appreciation poolcore inspires. 

If you’re ready to enjoy some poolcore in your own backyard, reach out to the professionals at San Diego Pools, the pool installer San Diego homeowners and businesses have trusted for more than four decades. Our number one priority is giving our customers nothing less than the highest quality in innovative design and outstanding craftsmanship. Call us today at 888-707-7786 so we can begin the process of creating the pool of your dreams.

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