Coolest Materials to Use for a Pool Deck

Coolest Materials to Use for a Pool Deck

In the hottest months of the summer, pool decks can often feel scorching hot. If you want people to be able to step out of your pool without burning their bare feet, it’s important to choose your pool deck material wisely. There are several factors that affect a material’s ability to trap and conduct heat. If you want the coolest pool deck possible, you need to consider these types of materials. 

Lighter-Colored Materials

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is simply the color of the material you choose. Almost any material will reflect the sun’s rays to some degree, which you already know if you have a gunite pool in San Diego, but light colors reflect heat away from the surface of the pool deck, while dark colors absorb the sun’s heat. If your priority is coolness, choose the lightest color possible. Shades like cream, sand, taupe, and white are far better than colors like brown, charcoal, or navy.

Textured Materials

Another feature to consider when choosing a cool material for a pool deck is texture. Due to the way uneven textures absorb less heat, they end up feeling cooler to the touch. A smooth pool deck is always warmer than a textured one. Textured materials are also helpful because they have an anti-skid quality that prevents slipping. There are many ways to add texture to an existing pool deck, including textured spray-on coatings, so it can be easy to alter a preexisting deck if it’s too hot. 

Acrylic Materials

A pool deck that uses acrylic is usually much cooler than a deck made from natural stone. This synthetic pool deck material is the coolest possible option because it barely absorbs any heat. Acrylic has quite a few advantages, including being saltwater friendly and coming in a variety of colors. However, it’s not typically used to create an entire pool deck from scratch. Instead, acrylic is usually applied as a pool deck coating that’s spread on top of other materials. 


Concrete does a great job of reflecting heat away from a deck. In fact, if you choose a light color of textured concrete, your pool deck can feel almost as cool as an acrylic deck. Another perk of concrete is that it’s a versatile material that can be shaped to look like pavers, stone, or other designs. Another advantage of this cool pool deck material is that it’s cost-effective. 

Porous Stone

If you want a stone pool deck, you’ll need to choose your materials wisely. This type of deck is usually quite hot. However, if you pick a stone with a very porous texture, it can be reasonably cool. Marbella stone is often a favorite among people who want stone decks that are still cool. Another good option to pick is a lighter shade of travertine stone. 

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