Tips for Daily Swimming Pool Maintenance

Tips for Daily Swimming Pool Maintenance

It’s not unusual for home swimming pool owners to opt for occasional maintenance that involves a more thorough cleaning and inspection every few weeks or even on a monthly basis. However, the maintenance process is actually a lot easier and more beneficial if you get into the habit of taking smaller steps to maintain your swimming pool every day. Read on for our recommendations.

Visually Inspect the Pool

A simple thing you can do each day is take a moment to really look at your pool water. Grab your net and look for anything floating you can quickly scoop up. A net with a screw-on pole is worth investing in for times when there’s debris in the middle part of the pool. Also, check for any signs of structural damage in or around your swimming pool each day. This gives you a chance to address minor issues before they turn into bigger ones.

Make Any Necessary Chemical Adjustments

You don’t have to check chlorine and pH levels daily. But during the times of the year when you’re regularly using your pool practically every day, it’s a good idea to do a quick test with a handy kit at least once or twice a week. It’s easier to adjust chemical levels if you’re only dealing with a few minor imbalances.

Run Your Pool Pump

Ideally, a pool pump should be used constantly during the pool-using season. If you’re concerned about the expense that goes along with doing this, what you can do instead is at least run the pump for about 10-12 hours a day. Doing so ensures the water is properly filtered and cleaned. Running your pump daily also makes your swimming pool safer for everyone to use.

Backwash Your Filter

Backwashing is the process of reversing the flow through your pool’s filter. It’s something you can briefly do each day to remove dirt and debris from the filter. Backwashing also removes accumulated contaminants from the waste port. On a related note, if you have a sand filter, add about a cup of diatomaceous earth powder to it. This makes it easier for the filter to clear up cloudy pool water.

Use Your Automatic Pool Vacuum

It’s usually not necessary to drag out a standard pool vacuum every day. That said, it’s easier to do this if you have an automatic or robotic vacuum. In this case, it’s not that much of an extra effort to put the device into your swimming pool earlier in the day and let it do its thing. This is something you may also want to do daily if your underground pool is heavily used.

Clean Up the Area around Your Pool

Many pool owners regularly use an assortment of pool accessories. If you have kids, you’ll likely have even more things scattered by your pool, such as floaties, pool noodles, and flotation devices for younger swimmers. Take some time each day to gather this stuff up to keep the area around your pool safely accessible and free of clutter.

If you take care to maintain your pool on a routine basis, you can prevent damage to the mechanical systems, keep it clean, and ensure your family will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. If you haven’t yet built your pool, reach out to San Diego Pools, the pros with decades of experience. We are one of the premier san diego pool companies, and our team of pool design and construction experts is dedicated to building exactly the pool you want and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. To get started on building the pool of your dreams, call us today at 888-707-7786.

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