Fantastic Design Possibilities for Your Hotel Pool

Fantastic Design Possibilities for Your Hotel Pool

From clean rooms to friendly service, guests coming to hotels have some understandable expectations. In the San Diego area, this list often includes convenient access to a swimming pool. If you’re in the hospitality business and getting ready to invest in a new or updated pool, continue reading to find inspiration as you explore pool design possibilities.

Infinity Edges

You’ll absolutely be making a good first impression with an eye-catching infinity pool design. These are pools with one edge that appears to suddenly drop off. It’s actually an optical illusion that can work well if you have amazing views or higher points like a nearby cliff or hill you want to accentuate.

Creative Shapes & Layouts

A hotel pool doesn’t have to have a traditional shape or layout. You can even use a themed shape and layout, which could include something resembling a pirate ship or certain fruits, if you want to get tropical. Hotel pools can also use a combination of different shapes mixed with curves and indentations if there’s more space to work with.

Combination Pool & Hot Tub

Make hotel guests even happier when it’s time to enjoy the pool area by seamlessly incorporating a hot tub into the design. This can be done with a small spillover area coupled with matching stonework or masonry so the hot tub blends in with the pool.

An Extended Pool Deck

If your hotel has limited space for a pool, one design possibility is to extend the deck area next to the pool. Doing so provides more room for guests to walk and comfortably get in and out of the pool. You can also mitigate slip-and-fall risks with a larger pool-adjacent area covered with naturally slip-resistant materials like poured concrete with a brushed or decorative surface.

Diving Boards & Slides

Hotels with enough room for deeper swimming pools can also give guests access to diving boards and slides. Guests of varying ages and skill levels can enjoy these two features as long as they’re safely designed and easily accessible. The diving area can always be roped off to keep casual pool users away from guests diving into the water.

Customized Play Areas

If your hotel caters to families likely to have younger children, consider including a customized play area in your design. It can include things like child-friendly slides and in-ground fountains. You can even sprinkle the nearby area with tables and chairs so families can have a bite to eat poolside before or after swimming and parents can keep an eye on young swimmers.

Appealing Poolside Features

Hotel guests tend to have an appreciation for appealing and convenient amenities. Some of these often-preferred perks can be part of your pool design if you pay attention to what’s placed next to or fairly close to your pool. Options to consider include:

• A swim-up bar and/or snack area
• Adjustable or creative lighting that could include mood lighting or in-pool lighting
• Outdoor showers and/or changing areas for guests
• Permanent seating and poolside relaxation areas

If you own a hotel in San Diego and you’re considering adding a pool to your property, the experienced professionals from San Diego Pools, one of the finest San Diego pool companies, should be your top choice. Our team of experts specializes in every aspect of commercial and residential pool construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas. Call us today at 888-707-7786 for a complimentary consultation.

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