Tips for Building & Keeping a Swimmer’s Body

Tips for Building & Keeping a Swimmer’s Body

Largely due to how swimming burns calories and targets many muscle groups at the same time, competitive swimmers tend to have lean, muscular bodies. Obtaining this body type is often achieved through a combination of diet, discipline, regular swimming, and a structured workout routine. If you’re hoping to get and maintain a swimmer’s body, here are some ways to boost your odds of seeing results you find pleasing.

Watch What You Eat when Not Swimming

Competitive swimmers keep an eye on their caloric intake when out of the water, but that’s not all. You’ll be more likely to get and maintain a swimmer’s body if your regular meals include foods that build muscle while also providing essential nutrients and added energy. Typically, this means a diet that includes:

• Skinless chicken, beans, lentils, lean ground beef, and other lean proteins
• Nonfat dairy products
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Whole grains and other healthy carbs for added energy
• Olive oil, nut butter, and similar healthy fats

Carbs generally make up about half of a swimmer’s diet. This may seem counterproductive, but every part of your body uses this extra energy as you swim and do related workouts. Plus, as long as you stick to mainly healthy carbs, you won’t be undermining your efforts. Drink plenty of water as well so you stay sufficiently hydrated.

Target the Right Muscles with Your Workout Routine

Swimming on a regular basis with an emphasis on laps, form, and technique is a good starting point. As for what you can do when not immersed in water, many competitive swimmers have regular workout routines that include:

• Proper warmups and stretches
• Planks for added upper body and core strength
• Leg lifts, V-sits, and other core exercises
• Crunch and dumbbell presses
• Neck/chest pull-downs for a V-shaped upper body and added strength

Mix things up with your routines so you’re targeting different muscle groups each time. If you’re just getting started with a regular workout routine for this purpose, you may prefer to work with a trainer. It’s also more productive and safer to gradually step up your routine with reps and sets to avoid unintended injuries.

Be Consistent with Your Swimming Schedule

You can technically get a swimmer’s body without actually swimming. That being said, it’s a lot easier to balance out and enhance what you do on dry land with a routine that does include swimming, too. This means making an effort to stick to a consistent schedule for spending time in your San Diego swimming pool. Aim for swimming at least 3–4 times per week to increase flexibility, core strength, and endurance.

Be Patient as You Work toward Your Goal

You’ll be less stressed and more pleased with your results if you have realistic expectations. It will take some time to get a swimmer’s body, but you’ll be rewarded for your patience. It’s equally important to develop a routine you can comfortably stick to with your diet, land-based workouts, and swimming to maintain what you’ve achieved.

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