Discovering the Delight of Plunge Pools: A Guide for Resorts & Homes

Discovering the Delight of Plunge Pools: A Guide for Resorts & Homes

Resorts often have several types of swimming pools on their properties that are all designed to provide guests with their desired experiences. On top of the typical swimming pool, you’ll also find swim-up bars, hot tubs, and other aquatic areas that transform the resort into a true oasis. Plunge pools are frequently seen at resorts, and many homeowners are installing them at their residences to recreate the same relaxing oases they enjoyed on their vacations. Exploring what defines a plunge pool can help you decide if you want to add one to your commercial or residential property.

The Primary Purpose of a Plunge Pool

Swimming pools can be used for everything from playing a group volleyball game to keeping kids entertained or training for an upcoming competition. However, plunge pools are made specifically for lounging and relaxation. Since they’re smaller, plunge pools are sometimes added as amenities to the outdoor portions of resort suites. Or they could be scattered throughout the resort grounds to give people more private places to relax.

Typical Plunge Pool Characteristics

A plunge pool is typically much smaller than a normal-sized swimming pool. Similar to what’s common with a hot tub, several people can usually comfortably fit in a plunge pool at once. A plunge pool also tends to have a uniform depth throughout the entire feature, but you may find benches or other seating along the sides where people can spend time relaxing. Usually, a plunge pool is just deep enough to fully immerse yourself in, but the water is still low enough that you should be able to walk in it with your head above the water. Most resort plunge pools allow for heated water in cold conditions, and some can transform into hot tubs when they’re connected to heaters.

Costs of Plunge Pools vs. Swimming Pools

Its smaller size tends to make a plunge pool more affordable to install, since your pool contractor will typically be able to use fewer materials and less labor. Once the plunge pool is installed, you’ll also find that maintenance tends to be less expensive compared to larger swimming pools. With less water and interior materials to clean, you’ll be able to save on cleaning chemicals. Plus, heating a smaller pool and running the water filter equipment will tend to be less costly compared to what you’ll face with a larger pool.

When a Plunge Pool Is the Best Option 

Plunge pools are excellent additions to both residential and commercial properties. If you’d like to place a pool in a smaller space, a plunge pool can give you many of the same benefits as a larger swimming pool. Resort owners and managers will also find guests are drawn to properties that offer them the unique experience of having plunge pools located close to their rooms. Whether you’re searching for a pool that can meet your need for aquatic therapy at home or you are outfitting an entire resort complex with water features, plunge pools offer many benefits.

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