How Is a Commercial Pool Different from a Residential Pool?

How Is a Commercial Pool Different from a Residential Pool?

With proper care, both residential and commercial pools can much-appreciated and often-used investments. And both types of pools can certainly be used for common aquatic activities like taking a refreshing dip on a warm San Diego day or playing fun water-based games. However, if you dive a little deeper, there are some clear differences between residential and commercial pools. The San Diego pool construction experts from San Diego Pools discuss those differences below.

Design, Shape, & Size

Residential pools often have designs that are more unique or customized, since all that really matters is what the homeowner prefers. For some San Diego area homeowners, this may mean unusually long and thin pools or creative shapes such as hearts, hourglasses, or even favorite animals or musical instruments. It’s also possible to go very small with residential pools, especially if yard space is limited.

Commercial pools, on the other hand, are often more traditionally shaped, although there’s still some flexibility with design. Also, the nature of the commercial space has to be kept in mind. Size is the biggest difference when it comes to design, since commercial pools often need to be much larger to accommodate more people.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Residential pools tend to be easier to clean, since fewer people typically use them, which translates to less need to constantly treat and clean the water. Of course, there will still be a need for regular scooping and routine cleaning, but these duties can usually be spaced out or even avoided during periods when the pool isn’t being used.

Commercial pools usually require continuous water treatment, since a lot more people tend to use commercial pools than what’s common with a backyard residential pool. Ultimately, this results in more biological materials going into water. Public pools also tend to need more repairs. Again, this is because of the frequency of use.

Intended Purpose & Reason for Use

Residential or household pools are often used for recreational purposes, such as taking a dip after a long day. Of course, swimming can be done in either type of pool. Commercial pools are more likely to be used for competitive swimming, although some publicly accessible pools may be used for therapy sessions, swim classes, and similar purposes.

Water Temperature

Comfort is typically a priority with any type of pool. That being said, commercial pools are more likely to be heated for optimal comfort, especially when the pools are used for hospitality or therapeutic purposes. Because heated pools cannot be excessively hot (for obvious reasons), they’re often breeding grounds for bacteria. This is another reason commercial pools often require constant treatment and care.

Pool Equipment

The equipment needed to maintain commercial pools is usually much larger and more complex than what’s common with residential pools. The main reason for this is that pools for commercial use need virtually continuous water treatment and cleaning.

If you’re considering adding a pool to your home or business, make sure to work with the finest residential and commercial pool builder in Southern California. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of pool and spa construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas. Call us today at 888-707-7786 for a complimentary consultation.

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