Will Adding a Swimming Pool Boost My Home’s Value?

Will Adding a Swimming Pool Boost My Home’s Value?

Factors Affecting Value

If your home’s value goes up, it could raise as much as 7 percent under the right circumstances. Many factors go into the decision to add a pool. Improved quality of life is priceless to your family. Keep in mind that a pool built today won’t necessarily make your home worth more in twenty years. The age and style of the pool matter. San Diego Pools has some useful advices for you.


Climate plays a vital role in whether a pool will increase the value of a home. Los Angeles residents have loved pools for generations, and more pools are continually being built. Orange County and Los Angeles top the list of areas where pools are added to increase home values. The mild winters and hot summers make Southern California’s climate perfect for pools. For many homeowners in these locations, their backyards are as important as their homes’ interior features. For the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, a high-end pool is almost a necessity, and nearly 90 percent of the pools in the local area include hot tubs.


Another thing to take into consideration when adding a pool is your home’s location. There are a lot of houses near the beach, and if the ocean is close, a pool might not matter to a buyer. But in large cities like Los Angeles, many homes are far from the ocean. Out of 26,000 Los Angeles-area homeowners interviewed in a recent survey, roughly 6,000 of them had pools. That’s about 23 percent, and the number will most likely rise. About 60 percent of buyers in the San Fernando Valley said a pool was a priority.

Other Considerations

Even if your swimming pool is well maintained, you may find it harder to sell your house because many homebuyers see a pool as a liability. There are multiple considerations to keep in mind. Your home should be in a high-end neighborhood, and most of your neighbors should have pools. Living in a warmer area such as California also helps. The style of your pool should fit the neighborhood. The pool must leave room for a garden or a play area for children. If you have a multimillion-dollar home, you probably don’t care about the daily costs of maintaining a pool, but people with less money should take these expenses into consideration before deciding.

If you’re considering adding a pool to your home, reach out to the experts at San Diego Pools. As one of the most respected San Diego pool companies, we’ve been transforming customer dreams into reality with innovative design and custom construction for more than forty years. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how we can build the pool of your dreams.

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