Why Would I Need Coping for My Swimming Pool?

Why Would I Need Coping for My Swimming Pool?

A common finishing touch for in-ground swimming pools, coping is a protective lip or edge that can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. While a pool can still be used without coping, pool builders often recommend it for reasons we go over below. Continue reading to learn more about coping for swimming pools and why it’s typically needed and preferred.

What Coping Is & What It Does

In the world of construction, coping is a protective cap or lip. When used on an in-ground pool, its main function is to protect the wall of the pool. In-ground pools often have exposed steel, referred to as bond beams, in the upper parts of their walls. Coping hides these beams. It also achieves the following goals when properly installed:

• Directing overflowing water into the deck drain
• Reducing deck slipperiness, which makes the pool safer to use
• Giving an in-ground pool a polished and aesthetically appealing look

Coping for a pool is usually made of stone, composite materials, or concrete. If you have a gunite pool in San Diego, your coping will typically have a slight outward slant to make it more attractive. Metal and wood can also be used for pool coping. However, these materials are more susceptible to wear, rust, and rot, which means more care and upkeep will be needed.

Why It’s Often Needed & Recommended

Coping is largely needed to direct water that splashes out of the pool to a nearby deck drain. Water from your swimming pool can still be carried out by users getting in and out. However, coping minimizes the accumulation of pooled water and makes it easier and safer for barefoot pool users to enter and exit the pool.

Pool coping also protects the area behind the pool shell by keeping water from getting into this location. What this does is reduce the risk of potential damage from water exposure to this part of your in-ground swimming pool. Another practical benefit of pool coping is a reduction in maintenance issues if your pool is located by a lawn. The slight slant that’s common with coping can keep grass and other debris from a nearby lawn or landscaped area from getting into your pool.

Also, if you plan to install an automatic pool cover for your in-ground swimming pool, you’ll need to find a place to put the related mechanical components needed to operate it. Coping can serve as an attractive cover to hide or conceal these components instead of having these things in a more obvious location.

Design Possibilities with Pool Coping

There are many appealing design perks and options to consider with pool coping. In fact, there are many ways coping can provide a welcome aesthetic boost for your pool and the area immediately around it. Possibilities with coping design include:

• Attractive cuts to enhance your pool’s overall look
• Color variations to make this pool edge addition stand out visually
• Material variations to further enhance aesthetics

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