Which Is Easier: Swimming in the Ocean or a Pool?

Which Is Easier: Swimming in the Ocean or a Pool?

Finding the perfect place to swim is important for helping you enjoy one of the best forms of exercise you can engage in at any age. While heading to the beach sounds like a lot of fun, you might also be hesitant to dive into water that could be more than you’re ready to handle. In most cases, swimming in the ocean is harder than swimming in a pool. The experienced professionals from San Diego Pools, the experts in pool construction San Diego residents trust for outstanding craftsmanship and exceptional service, explain why this is the case so you can create a plan for feeling more confident no matter where you decide to swim.

Consider the Issue of Currents

The one advantage of swimming in the ocean instead of a pool is greater buoyancy. The salt content of ocean water helps you float, which might seem ideal at first. However, it’s rare to be able to float on perfectly calm water in the ocean without having to worry about being carried out to sea. The currents can often be unpredictable, which can make it harder for a weaker swimmer to navigate through the water. Swimming pools don’t typically have currents, unless you opt for one that’s designed for exercise and training. With these types of pools, you still have more control over the current strength, which allows you to work up to managing stronger currents.

Think about Visibility

The beach might be filled with more people than you could ever fit in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you’re any safer. Swimming in the ocean often involves being in choppy and murky water that won’t make it easy for someone to see you struggling. High waves can hide your arms signaling for help as you try to keep your head above water, and floating out too far further reduces your visibility. In a well-maintained swimming pool, the water should remain crystal clear. Appointing someone to keep watch over new swimmers and children provides further protection against accidents.

Factor in the Ability to Control the Depth

If you’ve ever walked into an ocean or lake and discovered a steep drop-off, you already know how hard it is to plan for a safe swim in a natural body of water. The ocean often has erratic changes in water levels that occur throughout the day, and it’s possible to suddenly find yourself treading water in an area where you thought you could stand. A swimming pool has defined areas of depth that make it possible to strategize how and where you’ll swim.

Develop Your Swimming Skills in a Home Pool

When it comes to safety, predictability is always best. Swimming pools offer you a controlled environment where you can refine your skills. Being able to simply hang out by the wall if you get tired or turn off a jet stream current is preferable to being at the mercy of nature. Once you refine your skills, going to swim in the ocean will feel safer, and you’ll be more comfortable in any type of aquatic environment.

If you need more information about any aspect of swimming in a pool, call on the experienced professionals at San Diego Pools. We’re a premier San Diego swimming pool contractor, and our experienced pool design and construction experts are dedicated to building the pool that’s right for your family and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786. 

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