6 Fun Activities to Enjoy in Your Brand-New Pool

6 Fun Activities to Enjoy in Your Brand-New Pool

Swimming is an activity that combines fun and exercise. If you’re looking for great ideas on how to get the most out of your new San Diego pools, here are several fun pool-based activities for the whole family. If you and your children get tired after several hours of practicing underwater handstands or diving for pennies, below are some of the most entertaining pool activities to consider.

1. Watermelon Relay

Watermelon relay is a challenging but enjoyable game for both adults and children. It involves tossing two watermelons into the pool and challenging two teams or individuals to push the watermelons to the other side of the pool. When playing, you can’t touch the bottom of the pool or stand up.

2. Frisbee Ball Toss

In this game, any number of people can participate. You write scores on the upper side of the Frisbees and push them to one side of the pool. The participants then swim to the other side of the pool, and the fun begins. Taking turns, each participant tosses a ball to score the number of points written. The person who reaches 100 points first is the winner.

3. Scrabble 

Depending on how many sponges you decide to use, this game accommodates three or four players. The game is great for all ages and can be modified to suit the participants’ reading abilities. Using a permanent marker, write letters on sponges and toss them into the pool. Each participant takes turns swimming for one letter and then placing each sponge individually at the side of the pool. Once there are no sponges left, you each try to make a word out of what you’ve collected. Younger kids can use this to learn the alphabet while having a lot of fun.

4. Noodle Beach Ball Catch

This is one of the most exciting water games. Additionally, it’s suitable for practicing balance and coordination and accommodates a large number of people. The participants straddle floating noodles as they toss the balls. If they fall off, they get eliminated. The last person left on his or her noodle wins.

5. Pool Freeze Tag

Translated into a pool activity, freeze tag is one of the most popular games, especially for children. One swimmer will be “it” and try to chase down the others to pass the tag.

6. Superman

For kids, this game should be played with adult supervision. One participant stays in the water with one hand up. The other participants stand against the wall and try to jump over the hand without being touched. The person in the water can jump straight up but shouldn’t try to wave or touch the others deliberately.

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