6 Tips for Having Fun in Your Pool During the Summer

6 Tips for Having Fun in Your Pool During the Summer

Becoming a pool owner has some definite advantages, especially if you live in the San Diego area. Not surprisingly, summer is the most popular time to enjoy a swimming pool, so it should also come as no surprise that there are some appealing and creative ways to get the most from your pool experience. The San Diego pool and spa pros from San Diego Pools offer the following six possibilities to consider this summer.

1. Explore Pool-Based Exercises

Swimming laps is just one way to exercise in your swimming pool this summer. The natural buoyancy of water allows for the enjoyment of many other types of exercise in a way that’s not too strenuous, which is especially beneficial for older pool owners. Other than swimming, options for pool-based exercise this summer include:

• Water walking
• Pool planks
• Cardio and resistance routines done with pool noodles and other accessories
• Single-leg balances
• Standing wall push-ups

2. Play Pool Games

Your pool can be a perfect place for family games this summer. One way to use your swimming pool for this purpose is to put a specially designed basketball hoop at one end. Volleyball nets designed for pool use are also easy to set up and enjoy. There are even hockey water attachment kits and floating pool hockey tables that can be used to play hockey in your pool.

3. Host Pool Parties

Get festive and use your pool as the go-to place for summer pool parties. Such occasions can be easily customized for various family members and occasions. For younger kids, you might have fun pool accessories on hand and plan a bunch of water-based games. A pool can also be used for graduation celebrations or “grown-up” parties where tasty alcoholic beverages and delicious treats are served on floatable serving trays.

4. Relieve Stress with Water Yoga

Yoga is a multipurpose discipline that’s both physically stimulating and relaxing, and you can do it in your swimming pool this summer. Pool noodles can be used to provide added stability as you go through various poses. Some water yoga poses can be done by simply standing in the shallow end of your pool and elevating and bending your arms in a slow, relaxing way. Of course, you can also de-stress in your pool by gently drifting on a floating pool mattress or lounge chair when you’re not in the mood for yoga.

5. Lounge & Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Another relaxing way to enjoy your swimming pool this summer is to simply sit back on a pool lounger and gently go with the flow. What this does is allow you to soak up beneficial vitamin D from the sun. This essential nutrient is good for your immune system, and it helps with the absorption of bone-beneficial calcium. Just remember to wear sunscreen.

6. Teach Your Kids How to Swim

Instead of sending your kids to swimming classes, use your own pool to help them learn this important skill this summer. Devices such as pool noodles, swim-tee trainers, pool floats, swim vests, and water wings can be used to safely guide your kids through the steps necessary to learn how to swim.

If you’re ready to transform your home into the perfect summertime oasis with a pool, call on the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re the swimming pool builder San Diego families have trusted for more than forty years to turn their dreams into reality. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how our innovative designs and high-quality custom construction can be ideal for you and your family.

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