What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Contract

What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Contract

A pool contract is the agreement you’ll sign when you work with a builder to have a pool constructed on your property. It’s a common document meant to provide added peace of mind as you move forward with your pool-building plans. While there are some exceptions here and there, a pool builder’s contract should contain certain things before you sign on the dotted line. We go over what to look for in a standard pool contract below.

A Clear Description of What You’ll Be Getting

This is the part of the contract that clearly states what you’ll be getting for your investment. The description of services should be as detailed as possible to avoid confusion on the part of either party. At the very least, the service description should include details specific to:

• Pool size, style, and design
• Pool location
• Local permits and similar requirements
• Any unique installation requests

Details about Equipment, Materials, and Any “Extras”

An in-ground or customized pool installation is going to involve specific materials and equipment. For this reason, a pool contract should cover all the bases with related equipment and materials. This should include details about preferred materials and the equipment that will be included with your pool (e.g., filters, pumps, filter accessories, etc.). Pool flooring and any preferred amenities or extras should also be included in this part of the contract.

An Attached Diagram

If this isn’t normally included in the contract your custom pool builder presents, you should request it. A drawing or diagram gives you a clearer idea of what the final results will look like, which gives you a chance to make sure you and your builder are on the same page. A diagram of the planned pool design should also include measurements and other details of this nature.

Expected Project Completion Time

It’s not always easy to clearly determine how long it will take to complete the pool-building process. There could be unforeseen circumstances that pop up and result in some unexpected delays, such as inclement or extreme weather. But your pool contract should give you approximate start and end times as far as the project timeline goes. Reasonable contingencies should be included as well.

Payment-Related Details

Payment terms and details rank up there with the service description when it comes to important things that should be covered in a pool contract. This is where total cost is listed. If you prefer to clearly see what you’re paying for, a reputable pool builder should be willing to break down the costs in greater detail. This gives you a chance to see what you’re paying for in terms of materials, labor, and other factors that contribute to total cost.

A pool contract provides reassurance and clarity for all the involved parties. It serves as a guide for you and the builder as well as a point of reference. Once all details are agreed upon and put in writing, all you’ll have to do is look forward to enjoying your new pool.

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