5 Fundamental Guidelines to Follow when You’re Swimming

5 Fundamental Guidelines to Follow when You’re Swimming

Unless you’re swimming competitively, there really aren’t any “rules” set in stone as far as swimming goes. That being said, there are some general basics everyone who swims should be aware of to get the most out of any time spent enjoying this activity, even if it’s just in a backyard lap pool. We go over five of the top swimming basics below.

1. Don’t Swim Alone if You’re New to Swimming

Let’s start with safety. If you’re just learning to swim or still at the beginner level, don’t swim alone. At the very least, swim in a pool or area where somebody is around in case you need some assistance. It’s also a good idea to have someone with you if you’ll be swimming in a body of water other than a pool, such as the ocean or a lake.

2. Learn Proper Form & Technique

Another one of the basic rules of swimming is to brush up on proper form and technique. You’ll be a safer and more effective swimmer once you get a good feel for how to maneuver, position, and move your body in the water. With breathing, inhale when you turn your head to take a breath and exhale through your nose and mouth when your head is in the water. Proper form and technique while swimming also involves:

• Making a relaxed back-and-forth motion with your hands—referred to as sculling—so you can properly stay afloat
• Rotating your body to increase flow and movement
• Coordinating movements between your arms and legs so you’re not so “choppy” in the water
• Learning how to do common strokes—the breaststroke is easiest for most new swimmers to learn

3. Modify Your Motions

Swimming can give you a full-body workout in a way that’s less demanding on your bones, joints, and muscles. It also stimulates many of your key muscle groups. However, you’ll get more muscle stimulation if you modify your motions. What this also does is prevent overexertion of the same muscle groups. This way, you won’t have any lingering soreness when not in the water.

4. Set Realistic Goals

If you prefer to have goals when you swim, keep your personal goals for swimming realistic and achievable. Otherwise, you may end up discouraged if you get overly ambitious with things like how many laps you do within a certain period of time. Instead, set smaller goals you know you’ll likely be able to achieve with some practice and determination.

5. Have Fun

Finally, don’t forget to have fun when you swim. If you prefer to swim competitively, also give yourself some time to just enjoy swimming at a more casual and relaxed pace. Swimming can also be a fun and enjoyable experience if it includes:

• Pool games you can play with friends or family members while swimming
• Time set aside for yourself so you can relax and unwind as you swim
• A backyard pool that’s in line with your preferences so you can enjoy swimming whenever you wish to do so

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