What Are Cocktail Pools?

What Are Cocktail Pools?

Having limited space in your yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxing. What’s referred to as a cocktail pool is cozier than a typical standard-sized pool, but you can still get an assortment of bells and whistles in a smaller package. We dive into this topic below by going over the basics of cocktail pools and the many design possibilities.

Cocktail Pool Basics and General Features

Sometimes referred to as a compact pool or a “spool,” a cocktail pool is a scaled-down pool design. A popular way to make these streamlined pools even more inviting is to add spa-like features and functions—hence the “spool” reference. Features of this nature could include:

• In-pool seating
• Water jets
• Heaters for added warmth and comfort

The maximum size of a cocktail pool is around 12 x 14 ft. This means you won’t get a traditional deep end like what’s possible with a standard or larger pool. However, these pools can still provide plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind.

An Ideal Pool Option for Many Spaces

Compact pools are extremely versatile when it comes to design options, which can include in-ground and above-ground styles. They can even be installed indoors if you have a suitable space this type of pool could practically fit in. Cozier pools can be equally pleasing in larger yards as well.

Nearly Limitless Customization Possibilities

What’s great about a cocktail pool is the smaller size allows for numerous possibilities with design and the features included with the pool. For this reason, a customized cocktail pool can be designed with an assortment of added perks and special features, which could include:

• Bench seating
• In-pool lighting
• Waterfalls, fountains, and/or bubblers
• An underwater treadmill or cycle

There’s just as much variety with the materials that can be used for cocktail pools as what’s possible with a traditional pool. In addition to concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass, possibilities include copper and cedar.

You’re also welcome to take advantage of the smaller pool size to really enhance the surrounding area. If you have the room, you can add a nearby fire pit. Another appealing possibility is having an outdoor theater around the pool so you can watch your favorite films as you relax.

You can’t really swim around in a cocktail pool like you can in a regular-sized swimming pool. If you prefer more of an opportunity to swim and get exercise, though, what you can do is consider having a swimming machine installed inside the pool. It’s a device that generates the current needed to get some resistance as you swim.

Cocktail Pool Cost

As is the case with any pool, the cost of a cocktail pool varies greatly depending on what you prefer, with the lower-end estimates being around $5,000 and the higher-end figures somewhere around $50,000. A professional custom pool builder can help you narrow down your focus with the design and streamline your costs if you prefer a tailor-made cocktail pool that fits your budget.

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