What Are Swim-Up Rooms in Hotels?

What Are Swim-Up Rooms in Hotels?

The Caribbean-based resort chain Sandals popularized the concept of the swim-up room. Today, it’s a feature many luxury hotels and resorts have fully embraced. If you’re new to the swim-up concept, read on to learn more about why it’s a truly unique experience.

Swim-Up Room Basics

A swim-up room is located on the ground floor of a hotel or resort, and it’s designed in a way that allows you to walk right into your pool. It’s usually located just beyond the patio. In many instances, swim-up rooms are connected to multiple rooms throughout the resort or hotel.

Benefits of Swim-Up Rooms

Swim-up rooms allow guests to conveniently enjoy a swim while basking in the early-morning sun. Swimming can also be done at any other time of day guests tend to find appealing, which may include a swim just as the sun is getting ready to set or a later-night dip while bathed in moonlight.

Amazing Views

Another reason resorts have embraced the swim-up room concept is because it gives guests an absolutely stunning view. This is beneficial when it comes to attracting new guests and encouraging previous visitors to return. Many hotels and resorts play up the view even more by adding full patios with large glass doors or all-glass walls that allow for a full view of the pool.

If the hotel is next to the ocean, the view is even more spectacular, which further adds to the appeal. In fact, many resorts go even further and put breakfast nooks or cozy seating spots in front of the swim-up areas. Some resorts even create “millionaire” suites based on the swim-up room concept and the many appealing features and amenities that can be added to rooms with swim-up access.

Multiple Design Concepts

Swim-up rooms can be designed in many different ways. Some resorts and hotels include pool decks around their suites to give guests access to pool bars and other extra perks.

Eating and sunbathing areas can even be set up if there’s enough space. Many resorts also add landscaping features to further enhance the view from swim-up rooms. Some hotels embellish their outdoor spaces even more if they aren’t near an ocean. For example, the design concept may include a stylish infinity pool that encircles the entire hotel to give guests access to a larger pool area.

Understandably, hotels and resorts often get creative when it comes to how the rooms with swim-up access are designed. This typically extends to how the windows and doors are placed as well as what kind of furnishings are included in the room.

Swim-up rooms are often the most luxurious types of accommodations the finest hotels and resorts have to offer. After all, there’s something to be said for pool access without ever having to leave your hotel room.

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