How to Enjoy Your Pool with Another Person

How to Enjoy Your Pool with Another Person

A pool can certainly provide more than enough fun for one. It can also be just as enjoyable if another person opts to join you. If you’re looking for things you can do with someone else in your San Diego swimming pool to pass the time, we offer a few suggestions below.

Play Pool Games that Require Only Two Participants

Some pool games only require one other person to play. One of these is called dolphin race. You and the other person attempt to get to the other side of the pool first while pushing inflatable beach balls with your noses. If either of you uses your hands to push your ball, it’s back to the starting point. The first one to get to the other side of the pool wins. A few other fun pool game options for two people include:

• Beach ball balance race – You and your pool partner each grab a large inflatable ball and hug it to balance on top of it while in the pool. Start in the shallow end and see who can get to the other side first without losing his or her grip.

• Timed pool toss – While on opposite sides of the pool, you and your pool buddy will each attempt to toss as many floating objects to the other side as possible during the time allowed, which is usually 5–10 minutes. Whoever has the least number of objects on his or her side when time’s up wins.

Play Water Sports

Some water-based sports can be modified so they’re easily enjoyed by two people in a pool. With pool basketball, you’ll need a side-mounted pool basketball hoop or a round floating ring and a standard basketball or small beach ball. The two of you can then take turns making baskets. Volleyball can be modified as well to be played in a pool by two people. You can even toss a Frisbee to each other from opposite sides of the pool.

Help Each Other Improve Swimming Skills

It can be helpful to have a buddy to swim with if your goal is to improve your form and boost your overall performance. You and your swimming pal can take turns checking out each other’s technique and offer constructive advice to one another.

Teach a Friend or Family Member How to Swim

If someone you know wants to learn how to swim, use your time together in the pool to teach this person how to safely swim. You might do this with a younger child, an aging parent or grandparent, or a buddy who wants to go beyond the shallow end of the pool.

Do Fun Pool-Based Challenges

On the other end of things, if you and your pool buddy are more advanced swimmers and comfortable in the deeper part of the pool, try some fun skill challenges. For example, you might take turns tossing objects that sink into the pool and see who can dive and get them faster or who can collect the most objects in a given time period.

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