At San Diego Pools, we pride ourselves in being able to build pools for every budget.
Here are 3 different designs that can be created in your backyard starting at $59,900.00


  • Plans, Engineering, Building and Basic Health Permits

  • Portable Bathroom

  • Excavation: 5 ft deep. Minimum 7 ft access. Soil hauled 5 miles away from site.

  • Steel Reinforcing

  • Plumbing: 30 ft of run included

  • Electric: 50 ft run included

  • Shotcrete: Include steps and benches in plan

  • Waterline Tile: Max $8.00 per sq ft

  • Coping: Standard white grip style precast

  • Bottom Finish: White pool plaster

  • Complete site clean-up

  • Alarms: As required

  • Full Care and Use Instructions

pool equipment INCLUDEd

  • Pentair Quad Filter

  • Pentair Intelliflow Pump

  • 2-500w Lights (1 pool & 1 spa)

  • Professional Grade Maintenance Equipment


  • Site Prep (Removal of Grass, Concrete, Etc.)

  • Rock Removal

  • Jack Hammer Work

  • Limited Access (Less Than 7 Feet)

  • Hardscape

  • Fences (State Law May Require You to Have a Fence)

  • Sprinkler/Landscape Repair

  • Survey Property Lines

  • Extra Costs to Deal with Substandard Supporting Soils

  • Upgrade of Current Main Electrical Panel