Fun Tricks to Try in Your Swimming Pool

Fun Tricks to Try in Your Swimming Pool

Pools can be fun for all ages, even for pool users who don’t swim well or at all if you have a shallow end. But with a little creativity, there are plenty of cool pool tricks you and anyone else using your San Diego swimming pool can try when looking to up the fun level even more. Suggestions are offered below.

Underwater Handstands

Do this one in a part of the pool where the water doesn’t go over your head. All you do is move your body downward while bending forward. The natural buoyancy of the water reduces the pressure from your body as you do an underwater handstand before gently flopping over and resurfacing. Even if you can’t do a handstand on dry land, it’s often possible to do one in the pool with a little practice.

Underwater Somersaults

Gravitate toward a part of the pool where the water is at least up to your chest to make this pool trick easier to do. Get into the right position by:

• Starting with your head above the water
• Pushing the top part of your body forward while lightly kicking your legs
• Tumbling over, turning around, and resurfacing


An oldie but a goodie, a cannonball is a pool trick pretty much anyone can learn and enjoy. All you need to do for this one is tuck your knees under your stomach and wrap your arms around your legs as you jump in the pool. You’ve mastered this pool trick when it results in a big splash and a big reaction from anyone else who happens to be in the pool at the time.


This is a fun and easy pool trick for younger swimmers or one you can do with your kids if they’re just getting used to the pool. Simply spread your legs out, bend a little at the knees, and dive into the pool.

Swan Dive

This is another cool pool trick that starts off on the side of the pool. In this instance, your back is arched. Next, keep your legs straight and put your arms out wide. As you make your way into the water, bring your arms in toward your body.

Belly Flop

Yet another classic, this one is done by diving into the pool right on your stomach with your arms stretched out. If you prefer a less dramatic flop and splash, start with your knees bent, then jump and land on your belly.

Making Bubble Rings

If you’re going for a photo op, have a buddy stand next to the pool with his or her phone ready as you attempt to make bubble rings. Do this cool pool trick by:

• Lying on the bottom of your pool—let out about half your air first
• Holding your nose shut
• Placing your head back and your face in line with the surface of the water
• Putting one or both hands around your mouth
• Blowing small air puffs with your mouth to form an O-shaped ring

Synchronized Swimming

You don’t have to be vying for a shot at the Olympics to enjoy this activity. It’s a pool trick of sorts in that it requires some coordination between you and at least one other pool user. Simply place an iPod or other device that can play music nearby and practice moving together in time with the music. It may take some time to get your coordination together, but that’s part of the fun!

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