Great Tricks to Try in a Swimming Pool

Great Tricks to Try in a Swimming Pool

Summer’s gentle breeze signals the start of many fun activities, and swimming typically tops the list. No matter your age or size, swimming pool tricks can be enjoyed by you and your family in your San Diego pool. Take a look at these cool moves that can make your time in the water even more entertaining.

Belly Flop

If you’re a fan of diving, you should try out this trick in your backyard pool, at the homes of friends and family, or at a swimming venue. Just dive into the pool with your arms stretched out. As you enter the water, the splash on your stomach should be big, and the smiles should be even bigger.

To make the belly flop a little less theatrical but still fun, add some changes. For example, you can bend your knees a bit but keep your arms stretched, allowing you to still land on your belly but decreasing the size of the splash.

Underwater Handstands

Make sure to attempt this trick in water that isn’t higher than your head. When you’re standing in the pool, simply move your body in a downward position, allowing you to bend forward without challenges. Maintain a flat hand position on the pool floor while performing the stance. The water’s natural buoyancy will decrease the pressure on your body, helping you regain posture and resurface gently.

Besides doing a handstand, a skilled lap swimmer can take up an underwater somersault or two. It would be best to practice in water that isn’t above your head or chest to ensure you have the head space you need. Doing so will make pushing forward, tumbling, readjusting your stand, and resurfacing easier.


This may be one of the most well-known and time-tested pool tricks, but it still can make swimming as fun today as it did decades and decades ago. While some view this as a basic water activity, it’s a cool trick you can easily learn and enjoy right away.

As you jump into the pool, securely wrap your arms around your legs and tuck your knees under your stomach. Remember to consider the readiness of nearby swimmers before attempting this pool trick, as the splash can be big and cause unexpected and unpleasant reactions.

Bubble Rings

Before starting, make sure the pool is deep enough for this cool trick, and ensure you can hold your breath. If you can do so, take in a large gulp of fresh air, sink to the bottom of the pool, and lie down horizontally. This can create perfectly circulated bubbles. Next, cover your nostrils with your hand or a snorkeling mask. Press your lips together, exhale rapidly, and make your first bubble. Keep going with this process to generate more bubbles in the pool. To capture the cool bubble ring trick, people often have someone stand by the pool to record or take pictures. 

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