Is It Best to Cover My Pool Nightly?

Is It Best to Cover My Pool Nightly?

It’s no secret one of the reasons to invest in a backyard swimming pool is aesthetics, so you may be reluctant to regularly use a pool cover, even if it’s just overnight. Or you may not want to go through the regular routine of putting it on and removing it. But there are some valid reasons to consider covering your underground pool every night.

Minimizes Evaporation

Warmer San Diego days, especially in the summer, can cause water in a pool to evaporate. This process can continue overnight, which means you’ll find yourself needing to fill it back up to the right level more often. Using a pool cover overnight can reduce evaporation. Plus, the cover will trap accumulated moisture, and it’ll naturally go back into your pool. You’ll be rewarded with a more consistent water level and maybe even a lower water bill.

Makes Daily Cleanup Easier

Even in the summer, leaves and other debris from the adjacent landscape can get into an uncovered pool. If you want the convenience of being able to quickly use your pool the next day, covering it overnight can help you achieve this goal, especially if your pool is near trees and other potential sources of debris. However, if you don’t mind using your pool skimmer daily and you normally don’t have much debris to deal with, you may be fine without a cover.

Keeps Heated Pools Warmer

Some San Diego pool owners prefer warmer pool water. If you invested in a heated pool for year-round comfort, covering your pool overnight can retain heat, which also provides added energy savings. Vinyl and solar pool covers are particularly good at retaining heat.

Maintains a Pool’s Chemical Balance

Rainwater and debris can throw off a pool’s chemical balance. You can compensate for this issue by adding chemicals to your pool more often, but doing so could increase instances of skin irritation, watery eyes, and other annoyances for anyone who regularly uses your pool. Covering your pool overnight can reduce the need to add chemicals while also minimizing irritation.

Your Options with Pool Covers

If you have concerns about the drudgery of covering a pool nightly or the cost of actually getting a pool cover for overnight use, realize there are different options to consider. The main ones include:

• Standard tarp – Usually used for winter pool covering, tarp is an inexpensive and easy-to-replace option that can also be used for overnight covering during the months when you use your pool most.

• Mesh – This type of pool cover is worth considering if you mostly want to keep debris from getting into your pool overnight. These covers also slow evaporation, although rainwater will go right through. Mesh is aesthetically pleasing as well, since it doesn’t have much bulk.

• Solid vinyl – You’ll need a pump with this option, but a durable vinyl cover will keep both rainwater and debris out of your pool overnight.

• Automatic – More of an investment but really convenient, automatic pool covers operate with the press of a button or the flip of a switch, so nightly covering and daily uncovering is practically effortless.

Properly covering your pool is an important part of preventing damage to its mechanical systems, keeping it clean, and ensuring your family will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. If you haven’t yet built your pool, reach out to San Diego Pools, the pros with decades of experience. We are one of the premier pool companies in San Diego, and our team of pool design and construction experts is dedicated to building exactly the pool you want and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. To get started building the pool of your dreams, call us today at 888-707-7786.

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