What Responsibilities Are Associated with Having a Pool at a Hotel?

KEN KING What Responsibilities Are Associated with Having a Pool at a Hotel? Sep 12, 2021
What Responsibilities Are Associated with Having a Pool at a Hotel?

Premises liability lawsuits are a valid concern for hotel owners with on-site pools. This is one of the more compelling reasons it’s important to be mindful of your responsibilities if you’re a hotel owner with a pool on your property meant to be enjoyed and used by guests. The experienced professionals from San Diego Pools, the pool builder San Diego businesses trust for high-quality construction and exceptional service, explain the main responsibilities of a hotel with a swimming pool.

Keeping the Pool Area Safe

Understandably, safety is the top responsibility for hotels with swimming pools. A good place to start is with a fence around the pool area. With fences, be mindful of regulations that apply where your hotel is located. For instance, all pools in California built or remodeled after 2007 must have fences. According to Poolfenceguide.com, the top of the enclosure has to be a minimum of 5 feet above the grade. The height of the enclosure must be measured from the side that’s away from the pool. A hotel swimming pool can also be kept safe for guests by:

• Using monitoring devices in pool areas accessible by guests with children
• Locking up the pool area when it’s closed
• Having staff in the pool area so safety concerns can be quickly mitigated

Being Mindful of Pool Maintenance

Another important responsibility for any hotel with a swimming pool is maintaining the pool. This ties in with safety, since a pool with water that’s not clean or chemically balanced can be a health or safety risk for guests. There’s also the potential for legal liability if a lack of sufficient maintenance contributes to accidents or health problems. Ideally, it’s more convenient if you’re a busy hotel owner or manager to have a pool maintenance plan in place. Staff members can then use this plan as a guide for pool care and maintenance. According to Pool Operation Management, commercial swimming pool maintenance should involve:

• Conducting regular pool inspections
• Checking the pool deck to look for loose pavers, cracks, and other flaws that should be taken care of ASAP
• Cleaning the pool daily to remove any debris
• Periodically vacuuming the pool to keep the bottom clean and free of debris or items guests may drop
• Regularly checking pool chemicals to ensure proper balance

Making the Pool Guest Friendly

Lastly, one other responsibility for a hotel with a swimming pool is to make it appealing and inviting for guests. After all, a top goal in the hospitality industry is to keep guests happy and coming back. Depending on how your hotel pool is used and what’s expected by guests, a guest-friendly swimming pool may include one with:

• Floaties and other fun pool accessories if your hotel is family focused
• Steps to make it easier for older guests or those with physical limitations to get in and out of the pool
• Poolside amenities that might include a portable bar or snack cart

If you have any questions about how to make your hotel pool safer and more inviting for your guests, call the experienced professionals at San Diego Pools. We’re a premier commercial pool builder, and our team of pool design and construction experts is dedicated to building the pool that’s right for your space and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.