What’s the Best Size Pool for My Family?

What’s the Best Size Pool for My Family?

There are several things that should be considered when it comes to pool design and construction. Some factors to think about include the shape, the size, and the materials used in the construction of the pool. It’s also important to note various types of pools can be constructed using different methods, which means you essentially have no limit as to what type of swimming pool to build.

Purpose of the Pool

The purpose of the pool should be a major guiding factor when choosing the right size for your family. Few people wake up one morning and decide to construct a pool just for the sake of having one. There must be a reason for you to have a pool installed at your home. As such, it would be appropriate to review the various purposes a swimming pool can serve for you and your family before deciding on the size.

For example, if you’re constructing a pool mainly for exercise, you may want to go for a long, straight lap pool. On the other hand, if the pool is going to be used mainly for recreation, you have the freedom to choose any size and shape.

Pool Users

One of the main things that should determine the size of your pool is who will be using it most. Will it be your children, or are there elderly people who will also use it from time to time? If you have a family member with mobility issues, consider installing a sloping entrance instead of steps.


Think of the types of accessories, such as a diving board or a slide, that could be used in the swimming pool, because they usually play a role in determining the right size. For instance, a diving board usually requires a pool that’s at least 34 feet long.


In the past, a traditional backyard swimming pool was usually constructed with a shallow end that transitioned to a deep end. The shallow end was between 3 and 4 feet deep, whereas the deep end had a depth between 5 and 9 feet.

Contemporary swimming pools are often customized and don’t conform to the traditional style with shallow and deep ends. Some people prefer deep sections in the middle of their swimming pools.

The following are standard swimming pool depths for various purposes:

• Swimming laps – a minimum of 4 feet
• Kiddie pool – 3 feet
• Diving – 8 feet or more
• Water sports – shallow depth of 3–4 feet on both sides
• Float lounging – 4 feet

As you choose the size for your pool, remember a deep pool is expensive in terms of maintenance. You’ll need a larger pump as well as more filtration material and chemicals.

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