Tips for Finding Local Pool Water Delivery

Tips for Finding Local Pool Water Delivery

One way to fill a backyard pool is to drag out the garden hose and patiently wait, or you could tap into a nearby fire hydrant and blast your pool full of water. However, some of these do-it-yourself methods may not be all that practical or even legal. What you can do instead is look for pool water delivery options near you. Here are some tips to help you out.

Search Online for a Local Water Delivery Company

Do a quick online search, and you should be able to find companies near you that deliver water for pools and spas. Many pool owners prefer this option because it’s convenient and easy to arrange. Also, some companies that deliver pool water will properly balance the chemicals in the water for an extra fee. This is a perk that can save you the trouble of having to do that yourself or hire another pool professional to do it. If you have a standard gunite pool in San Diego, this may be your ideal choice.

Be mindful of your pool’s location as well. Some companies won’t deliver pool water if the pool isn’t easily accessible from a driveway or other flat surface where they can park. On a positive note, most pool water delivery companies do have fairly long hoses so they can properly and safely fill home pools in various locations.

Ask Neighbors with Pools for Recommendations

You’ll be more likely to get an honest opinion about local water delivery companies if you get recommendations from neighbors who already have pools. While not everybody has pool water delivered, you should be able to find a few neighbors who do. You may even earn them a discount on their next delivery if you use the same company.

See if Your Local Municipality Will Waive or Reduce Sewage Fees

There’s nothing wrong with using city or municipal water to fill your pool. If you prefer to go this route, call your city’s water company or municipal department to let them know you want to do this before you actually do it. This way, you can make sure there aren’t any local drought restrictions or other guidelines you’ll need to keep in mind.

You may also get a discount or waiver for the extra sewage fee if it’s known you’re planning to fill a pool ahead of time. If you have a septic tank, you may also only need to pay for the cost of the actual water fill and not the municipal sewage fees. The one drawback here is you’ll need to properly balance the chemicals in the water once it’s in your pool before you start swimming.

Check with Your Local Fire Department

It’s not a good idea to randomly uncap a fire hydrant and fill your pool. However, what you can do instead is call your local fire department. Some fire stations are willing to fill residential pools in exchange for donations, especially if they operate on a volunteer basis. Not all fire departments will do this, but it never hurts to ask!

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