Tips for Keeping Your Pool Free of Leaves

Tips for Keeping Your Pool Free of Leaves

There’s no denying the natural beauty of colorful autumn leaves. Still, no matter how eye-pleasing fall foliage may be to you, it’s safe to assume it’s not something you want to find in your pool on a regular basis during the transition from summer to fall when it’s still possible to have good swimming weather. If you want to keep your underground pool fresh, clean, and operating smoothly, there are some steps you can take to keep leaves out of it.

Use a Leaf Net

A leaf net is a mesh-like pool cover specially designed to catch falling leaves and other larger debris and prevent these materials from getting into the water. When you’re done using your pool for the day, either put the leaf net back in place or put on your regular pool cover. The net can also be used during the day when you take breaks from using your pool.

Make Some Landscape Adjustments

If your pool is perched fairly close to trees, consider making some adjustments to your backyard landscape to shield your pool somewhat from falling leaves. Options include:

• Having large or protruding tree branches near your pool trimmed
• Moving or removing trees too close to your pool
• Placing smaller bushes and shrubs, flower beds, or landscaping stones closer to your pool
• Having trees closer to your pool pruned in a way that directs falling leaves in the opposite direction

Explore Options with Pool Fencing

Another way to shield your pool from falling leaves is to place a high solid fence around your immediate pool area. Wooden fences tend to work well for this purpose. The appropriate fence height will depend on how close the trees are to your swimming pool.

Consider Other Leaf-Blocking Possibilities

If you’re not thrilled about placing a tall solid fence immediately around your pool, there are some other leaf-blocking possibilities to consider. For instance, you could have a retaining wall installed near your pool in a way that allows most of the leaves to collect on the other side of the wall. Hedges can also serve as natural leaf blocks if they’re strategically placed and manicured.

Put Some Evergreens Closer to Your Pool

A more creative way to keep leaves out of your swimming pool is to put some evergreen trees closer to your pool or in front of leaf-shedding trees. As the name implies, evergreens stay green and thriving throughout the year. In addition to reducing leaves in your pool, these trees provide year-round beauty. Plus, you’ll get some added privacy.

Consider an Automatic Pool Cover

If you prefer not to adjust your landscape too much, another option is an automatic pool cover. These are pool covers that open and close with the press of a button. The added perk here is that you can easily cover your pool when it’s not being used to minimize issues with leaves. Plus, you won’t have to physically put the cover into place and remove it.

If you take care to keep leaves and other debris out of your pool, you can prevent damage to the mechanical systems, keep it clean, and ensure your family will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. If you haven’t yet built your pool, reach out to San Diego Pools, the pros with decades of experience. We’re one of the premier pool companies in San Diego, and our team of pool design and construction experts is dedicated to building exactly the pool you want and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. To get started on building the pool of your dreams, call us today at 888-707-7786.

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