Tips for Getting Pool Water that’s Perfect

Tips for Getting Pool Water that’s Perfect

Crystal-clear pool water is what many pool owners naturally have visions of when thinking about a backyard pool. This is also the look many commercial pool owners in the San Diego area often prefer to present to clients, the general public, renters, and staff members. As for how you can get perfect residential or commercial pool water, here are some tips to help you out.

Watch Your Pool’s Water Level

An easy place to start with your goal to get perfect pool water is with the water level. Typically, somewhere in the middle is recommended. Anything too high or too low can affect how water circulates and how well the pumps that keep your pool clean work. If you have an infinity pool, your balancing tank should keep the water at the right level.

Balance Your Pool’s Chemicals

Chlorine and other chemicals keep pool water looking great by keeping algae and other unsightly substances at bay. These chemicals also reduce discoloration and similar issues that can affect the appearance of your pool’s water.

Other chemicals that tend to be recommended for perfect pool water include:

• Clarifiers
• Sodium bromide
• Phosphate remover

There are convenient kits you can use to test your pool’s chemical levels to determine if you need to make adjustments. Also, follow water chemical recommendations based on what your pool’s manufacturer suggests.

Run Your Pump Twice Daily during Prime Usage Months

During the months when you’re using your pool more often, keep the water perfect by running the pump at least twice a day. During the other months of the year, run the pump at least once a day. Sticking to this schedule ensures impurities are being consistently removed from your water.

Be Diligent about Pool Maintenance

You’ll be more likely to have perfect pool water if you’re mindful of routine maintenance and upkeep. Along with balancing your pool’s water and running the pump regularly, keep your pool’s water perfectly pristine by:

• Looking for signs of air leaks or other issues that could affect circulation and water clarity
• Skimming your pool’s surface daily during high-usage months
• Having professional inspections done so any equipment problems can be discovered and corrected ASAP

Completely Drain & Replace Your Pool’s Water Every 5–10 Years

After several years of use, there will come a time when you just won’t be able to properly balance your pool’s water. This happens because you can only recycle and clean water so many times before shocking and other cleaning and purification processes are no longer effective. The solution in this case is to completely drain and replace your pool’s water.

Typically, complete pool water replacement is recommended about every 5–10 years. Several factors can help you determine when to do this, including:

• The results you’re getting with water-balancing routines
• How often your pool is used
• The size and shape of your pool
• Direct exposure to the elements and natural debris from nearby trees or plants

Whether they need expert advice on maintaining their pools or they’re looking for a premier pool builder, San Diego residents should reach out to the team at San Diego Pools. We’ve been designing and building pools for almost half a century, and we pride ourselves on our innovation and outstanding craftsmanship. To get started on your new pool, give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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