5 Tips for Boosting the Fun Factor at a Hotel Pool

5 Tips for Boosting the Fun Factor at a Hotel Pool

A pool can be a great asset for a hotel, since the focus is often on relaxation and comfort. If you already have a pool at your hotel but it’s not generating as much interest from your guests as you anticipated, there are some ways you can remedy this situation. Keep reading to discover five ways to make your hotel’s pool fun for guests, brought to you by the pros from San Diego Pools, one of the premier pool companies in North County San Diego.

1. Make “Floaties” Available to Guests

From festive giant flamingos to floating lounge chairs, there are many options with inflatables that can fit your hotel’s theme and your guests’ general preferences. Also referred to as “floaties,” these pool accessories are a simple way to add fun to your hotel’s pool, especially if you cater to families. You can make inflatables available in a more orderly and less cluttered way than what’s common in backyard pools. For instance, you might store them nearby and give guests an opportunity to choose what they wish to use.

2. Set Aside Times for Pool Games

Because there are different ways hotel guests typically prefer to enjoy an on-site pool, it’s usually not practical to allow pool games randomly at any time. Plus, you don’t want to irritate guests preferring more relaxing pool enjoyment. Find a happy medium by setting aside certain times for pool games for any guests wishing to participate. Feel free to mix things up with pool-based games anyone can participate in, such as:

• Pool volleyball
• Pool basketball with a floating basket and lightweight waterproof balls
• Marco Polo
• In-pool water balloon tosses

A related possibility is to set aside separate areas of your hotel’s pool for different purposes if it’s large enough to do so. What this does is give guests a designated area to play games while allowing others to exercise, swim laps, or float to their hearts’ content.

3. Give Guests Some Appealing Poolside Perks

Another way to go about making your hotel’s pool fun for guests is to add some poolside perks. One possibility is to put out seating options along the side of your pool. This can be particularly inviting if there’s a great view around where your pool is located. Additional options for poolside perks that can work well in a hotel pool area include:

• A swim-up bar
• A shaded lounging and relaxation area
• A serving station for light snacks and drinks

4. Explore Pool Lighting Options

Make your hotel’s pool an even more appealing spot for guests with fun pool lighting options. In addition to adding some pizzazz to your pool area, pool lighting can make your hotel pool a safe, inviting spot even after the sun goes down. You can even synchronize your pool lights or set them to adjust colors or display fun patterns.

5. Consider a Pool Design Update

If the main issue with your hotel’s pool that’s making it less fun for your guests is an outdated appearance, consider contacting a pool builder about a possible design update. Redesigning an outdated pool can be an investment that pays off, since it can be designed with what appeals most to your guests. Possibilities include:

• Adding an in-pool or pool-adjacent spa
• Altering the shape of your pool so it becomes an inviting focal point for guests
• Considering waterfalls, fountains, slides, and other pool features

If you own a hotel in San Diego and you’re considering adding a pool to your property, reach out to the pros at San Diego Pools, one of the premier pool companies in Southern California. The expert team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of commercial and residential pool and spa construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas. Call us today at 888-707-7786 for a complimentary consultation.

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