5 Major Benefits of Swimming for Senior Citizens

5 Major Benefits of Swimming for Senior Citizens

Swimming is a perfect form of exercise for many older adults, since its low impact on joints is enough to reduce the risk of injury. Water-based exercises also typically target key muscle groups in a way that’s gentle and effective. If you or someone in your household is older, investing in a home swimming pool can make it even easier to enjoy the many benefits of swimming for senior citizens, five of which are discussed below.

1. Boosts Heart Health

Swimming is a cardiovascular form of exercise that can keep a senior heart functioning properly. According to the Swim Strong Foundation, regular swimming helps the heart by increasing the circulation of blood throughout the body in a way that makes it work more efficiently. Swimming also contributes to better heart health by reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure.

2. Increases Coordination, Balance, & Flexibility

Because of the natural buoyancy of water, swimming doesn’t put excess stress on aging joints, which makes it easier for senior swimmers to increase the strength of joints and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support them. In turn, stronger, healthier joints can result in better coordination and balance and a reduced risk of falling. Flexibility and range of motion may also increase in many areas, including the lower back.

3. Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease common in older adults that results in a loss of bone density and increases the risk of falling and experiencing serious fractures. Because swimming isn’t a weight-bearing activity, it has the potential to increase bone density. This can be especially beneficial for senior women, who are more susceptible to bone fractures related to osteoporosis than men in the same age group.

4. Improves Daily Life Out of the Pool

The movements associated with swimming can be considered a form of resistance training, which has the potential to increase overall muscle strength. Increased muscle tone can also make it easier for seniors to get around when not swimming. What’s also appealing about swimming for older adults looking to increase strength and enhance function in their daily routines is the many options with modifications. For instance, an older adult with leg motion issues may still be able to safely swim with flotation devices or other appropriate swim aids.

5. Boosts Mental Health

Swimming is a great way for seniors to relax and ease stress and anxiety. Brain function may also be improved in senior swimmers thanks to a boost in circulation that extends to the brain. The SwimRight Academy notes swimming also promotes the development of new nerve connections within the brain and may help with learning memory while also reducing the risk of depression. Also, feelings of social isolation and loneliness may be minimized because swimming can be a social experience for seniors and their family members.

For people of all ages who are looking for the perfect way to boost physical fitness levels, swimming can be the ideal choice. As one of the premier swimming pool companies in San Diego, San Diego Pools can create a custom pool for you that offers a great way to exercise as well as a place to relax and get away from it all. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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