Is a Swimming Pool Business Profitable?

Is a Swimming Pool Business Profitable?

Owning a swimming pool can certainly be purely for your own enjoyment and recreation. However, some people prefer to run a business involving a pool. If you have plans to start a business that includes a pool, either as an added perk or the main feature, read on to learn more about whether or not owning a swimming pool is a good business, brought to you by the team from San Diego Pools, the experts in new swimming pool construction San Diego residents and business owners have trusted for forty years.

Have a Business Plan

Start by determining just what kind of business you prefer to start that will involve your pool. Possibilities include:

• Hosting swimming-related pool parties for kids
• Having private parties, which could be theme-based
• Owning a poolside catering business
• Renting your pool for specific amounts of time
• Using your pool area to entertain clients for a different business-related occupation

Get Your Permit (if Necessary)

If you’ll be using your own backyard pool for your business, you may need a permit to do so. This is something you’ll want to check on before you go any further. Your local municipality’s website should have information about permits for such things, or you can give them a call to find out what may be required.

Think about Location

If you’ll be using your swimming pool for business-related purposes, it’s helpful to be in a location where you can get a steady stream of customers likely to find a pool an appealing feature. Granted, you can’t do much about location if you’ll be using your backyard pool. In this instance, consider whether or not your home is in an easy-to-access location.

Consider Seasonal Limitations

Seasonal issues should also be considered. Fortunately, this isn’t really too much of an issue in the San Diego area. Still, there may be a few chilly months from December through March when you won’t be able to use your pool as a source of income. Determine if this will be an issue for you. For instance, if you have another regular job and you only intend to use your pool as a supplemental source of income, being out of commission for a few months shouldn’t be an issue.

Consider How Much You Can Actually Earn

You’ll need to get liability insurance, at the very least, if you’ll be having people come over to use your pool on a regular basis for a fee. You may also need to make some improvements to your pool for your business. For instance, if you’ll be hosting birthday parties for kids, you’ll likely need to add more safety features to your pool and the surrounding area.

The point here is to find out whether or not the money you’ll need to spend to start your business will be worth it in light of how much you can actually earn. Keep in mind you’ll also need to be especially diligent about pool maintenance. In fact, you may need to invest more in pool-related maintenance and cleaning if your pool will be used frequently. Figure this out by considering:

• What you’ll charge for your pool-related business
• What kind of advertising or marketing you can afford to do
• Whether you’ll need to hire employees, even on a temporary basis for times when you may be especially busy

If you’re interested in making money with your backyard pool or you’re considering adding a pool to your commercial space, make sure to work with the finest commercial pool builder in Southern California. The team from San Diego Pools specializes in every aspect of pool and spa construction, from custom design and expert building techniques to installing slides, waterfalls, and in-ground spas. Call us today at 888-707-7786 for a complimentary consultation.

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