How Much Space Should There Be between a House & a Pool?

How Much Space Should There Be between a House & a Pool?

Location is everything when it comes to where a new pool is ultimately set up and installed on your property. We don’t just say this for the purpose of aesthetics, although that’s certainly something to consider. You’ll also want to be mindful of the distance between your pool and your home—which is the topic we dive into below—for practical purposes.

National Standards

According to national standards for pool locations, a swimming pool, whether it’s a lap pool or infinity pool, should be at least 10 feet away from the exterior walls of a house. As mentioned above, there are practical reasons you’ll want to make sure your pool is an acceptable distance from your home. The main one is the potential risk of electrical problems that may result from splashing or pool overflow if electrical connections or lines are too close. Pool leaks can also present hazards if your pool is too close to sources of live electricity.

Local Rules

While pool contractors and builders must adhere to national standards regarding pool location, there are local rules that also need to be kept in mind. In some areas, the required distance between a pool and a house is as much as 25 feet. These are rules enforced by your local municipality. There may be other rules related to pool placement as well. For instance, San Diego County requires residential pool owners to have barriers that isolate their pools from their homes. Also, a pool in the San Diego area cannot take up more than half of a backyard.

Property Lines

Property lines can also play a role in determining how far your pool will be from your home. Even if your pool is at least 10 feet away from your home, you may have to change your pool’s planned location if it’s too close to your property line. In San Diego, pools need to be a minimum of 3 feet from the interior side of property lines.

The Cost of Not Adhering to Requirements

You could be fined if you build a pool that’s not in line with local guidelines or rules, so it’s important to check with your local municipality before you proceed with pool construction. If an inspector discovers your pool isn’t the legal distance from your home, you could face significant fines. Plus, there’s the potential of incurring added costs for dismantling your pool and moving it to comply.

Space for Other Backyard Features

When determining how far to place your pool from your home, also consider any other related backyard additions you may be planning. For example, you might wish to add a deck or patio close to where your pool will be located, so you’ll need to adjust your pool’s location to accommodate such structures. These are details best considered and discussed during the initial planning and design phase before actual building begins.

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