What’s the Typical Life Span of a Gunite Pool?

What’s the Typical Life Span of a Gunite Pool?

How long a pool has the potential to last is an understandable concern if you have plans to make this particular investment for your own backyard. The short answer with a gunite pool is somewhere around a century. The main caveat is that occasional resurfacing is necessary from time to time—typically every 7 to 10 years or so. If you’re new to gunite pools, here’s what you need to know about the qualities and features often associated with these pools.

Basic Facts about Gunite

At first glance, it’s not easy to tell the difference between concrete and gunite from appearance alone. Gunite is actually in the concrete family in that it’s similar in appearance. However, it’s a different mixture that’s known for being extremely durable. Technically, gunite is a type of sprayed concrete mixed with only small particles. Regular concrete contains a mix of smaller and larger particles, and the mixing process is a bit different.

Impressive Durability

It’s the longer potential life span that makes gunite pools popular among homeowners looking for long-term value. As briefly stated above, resurfacing is needed roughly every decade or so with gunite pools. However, this is much less costly than full replacement. Plus, if you properly maintain the pool, it’s often possible to stretch out the time between resurfacings. In fact, a properly maintained gunite pool can go for long periods without significant repair work if you’re diligent about regular maintenance.

Equally Impressive Design Options

Gunite is a material that can be applied to practically any type of pool design. This gives you multiple opportunities to make adjustments in your pool’s overall style, size, shape, and other design-related factors. There’s a lot of variety among finishes as well. If you prefer a more high-end look, glass, pebbles, or decorative stones can be used for a gunite pool’s finish. Even more basic plaster finishes come in an assortment of shades that allow a gunite pool to perfectly blend in with the surrounding pool deck. You can further inject your personal tastes and preferences into the final version of a gunite pool with an assortment of pool-related features, with possibilities including:

• Customized steps
• In-pool waterfalls
• Bubblers
• In-pool lighting and/or heating
• Security covers

Caring for a Gunite Pool

A gunite pool in San Diego is like any type of pool in that it needs to be properly cared for and maintained to minimize surface damage and keep everything inviting and fully functioning. Fortunately, care and upkeep requirements for a well-built and properly installed gunite pool aren’t too demanding if you get into a regular routine. Typically, maintaining a gunite pool involves:

• Using a pool net to clear out debris
• Checking and balancing water chemicals
• Using an automatic cleaner or pool vacuum to clean the interior
• Checking and cleaning the filter
• Maintaining the water level in the pool

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