Tips for Beautifying Your Pool Area

Tips for Beautifying Your Pool Area

It’s often said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is advice that can apply to many things in life, including your backyard pool. If you’re not currently pleased with the appearance of your pool, keep reading to discover steps you can take to make your pool beautiful and even more of a welcome addition to your outside living environment.

Have Minor Flaws Fixed

A good place to start with making your pool beautiful is to have any existing flaws fixed. This list can include things like noticeable stains or discoloration, hairline cracks, and other minor structural issues.

Add Some Water Features

A fun way to add some eye candy to your pool is with water features. From waterfalls, fountains, spillways, and bubblers to rain curtains, deck jets, and spouts, there are many possibilities with attractive water features you’re welcome to add to your pool. You can even add a bit of luxury with an in-ground spa.

Consider Pool Lighting

A fairly inexpensive way to beautify your pool is with lighting. The many options with highly efficient LED lighting alone allow for endless possibilities. With pool lighting in general, popular options include:

• Lights placed around the pool deck
• High-end Tiki torches sprinkled throughout the pool area
• Lights added to nearby trees and shrubs
• Lighted pool water features
• In-pool lighting that gives the pool an attractive glow

Add Gravel between Your Pool & Fence

Create an attractive transition between the fence that surrounds your pool area and your pool deck by adding some gravel to this space. Gravel is a great material for decorative purposes, and it comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Simply create a border with the gravel of your choice immediately behind the fence, and you’ll be all set.

Dress Up Your Poolside Landscape

Make your pool a more visually appealing centerpiece of your backyard by dressing up the landscape that surrounds it. Trees, flowering plants, shrubs, and other living landscape elements can bring an assortment of colors and pleasing fragrances to the area around your pool.

Install a Border around Your Pool

Infuse some beauty into your pool by adding an attractive personalized border around it. One of the more affordable ways to do this is with decorative or stamped concrete. This is an approach to concrete design that can create pool borders that mimic more expensive materials like granite, brick, or marble—but for a fraction of the cost.

Spruce Up the Pool Deck

As the area immediately around your pool, the pool deck can play a big role in how inviting your pool is for anybody using or hanging out by it. If it’s been a while since you’ve done anything with this space, possibilities include:

• Adding a fire pit to your pool deck
• Updating older or outdated pool deck furniture
• Placing attractive vases with vibrant plants around the deck
• Considering synthetic grass specifically designed for use in water-exposed areas

Add Splashes of Color to Your Pool’s Finish

A more dramatic way to make your pool beautiful is to consider refinishing it if you have a fiberglass or concrete pool. If you haven’t updated your pool’s finish in a long time, you may not be aware of the many colors, textures, and patterns available today. While this is more of an investment, it’s one that can pay off big time once the work is done.

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