When Is a Pool Too Small?

When Is a Pool Too Small?

If you’re getting ready to have a new pool installed, you may have some hesitation if you have limited space to work with. But having space and size limitations doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forget about plans to create your own personal oasis. Below, we take a closer look at how small is too small for a pool and what you can do to address size and space concerns.

What a “Small” Pool Actually Is

An average-sized swimming pool is about 600 square feet with an average depth of about 5.5 feet. A “small” swimming pool is usually one that’s below this size. However, even a smaller pool can be designed in a way that makes it useful and appealing. Therefore, there’s really no such thing as a pool that’s too small as long it’s designed in a way that optimizes the space available.

Realize What’s Not Possible & Embrace What Is

A smaller pool can still be a much-appreciated backyard addition if you accept what’s not realistically possible and focus on what is. For instance, pool features like water slides and waterfalls can often be incorporated into small pools in a way that doesn’t affect aesthetics or function. However, you’ll likely have to forego a diving board with a smaller pool, especially if you’ll also be limited in terms of the range of water depth in your pool.

Determine What’s Most Important to You

You don’t want to just settle for any pool as long as it can fit into your available space. The whole idea of investing in a pool is to end up with something you’ll appreciate and use for many years. If size and space need to be kept in mind, work with a custom pool builder to determine what you want included in your smaller-than-average pool. Do this by:

• Deciding the must-have features you want included
• Determining what you can forego without regretting it later
• Figuring out what your actual size restrictions are

An experienced pool builder can help you figure all these things out. You’ll also get recommendations based on your priorities and preferences. Ideally, you want a smaller pool that fits in naturally without looking out of place.

Consider What Tends to Work Best for Smaller Pools

Thankfully, there are several different options with pool materials and shapes, including many that work well for smaller pools. For instance, fiberglass pools are incredibly flexible in terms of size, shape, and design. A smaller pool that’s designed well may even include:

• A few preferred water features
• A nook or ledge for tanning
• Pool lighting
• A small pool deck

As for pool shape, there’s no standard recommendation, since every backyard is different, so be open to various suggestions and possibilities. For example, a kidney-shaped pool is one that can work well in a smaller space. Yes, you’ll lose some pool space, but you’ll also gain some room for lounge chairs and other poolside furniture and accessories.

If you’re looking for a custom pool design that’s just right for your smaller backyard, reach out to the professionals at San Diego Pools, one of the premier pool companies in North County and throughout San Diego. We’ve been designing and building custom pools for more than four decades, and our number one priority is providing our customers with nothing less than the highest quality in innovative design and outstanding craftsmanship. Call us today at 888-707-7786 so we can begin creating the pool of your dreams.

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