6 Tips on Enhancing Your Pool’s Visual Appeal

6 Tips on Enhancing Your Pool’s Visual Appeal

A swimming pool can be a smart, much-appreciated investment for anyone in the San Diego area. However, if their pools lack sufficient pizzazz, some homeowners find themselves less than satisfied with their pools after several years. If this applies to you, here are six ways you can beautify your swimming pool.

1. Redo or Update Your Pool Deck

The pool deck is the area immediately around your swimming pool. If it’s dull or drab, it can make your pool seem a bit too ordinary. Luckily, there are many ways to update or completely redo a pool deck to enhance your pool’s look. Popular possibilities include:

• Decorative stamped concrete with attractive colors and designs
• Composite wood or pressure-treated wood decking
• Natural stone or decorative pavers
• Colorful tiles in varying shapes and sizes

2. Improve Poolside Lighting

You’ll likely find your pool more visually appealing if you can clearly see and use it when the sun goes down. Tiki torches and string lights are two easy-to-install poolside lighting options to consider. You’ll be rewarded with a brighter, more inviting pool that can be enjoyed even as daylight fades. Another option is to add colorful or remotely adjustable waterproof lights in the pool itself.

3. Install Appealing Water Features

Beautify your swimming pool by diving into your options with water features. For instance, a waterfall built with rocks or boulders can create an attractive focal point at one end of your pool. Other options with pool-related water features include:

• Bubblers or gushers that can be adjusted to varying heights in your pool
• Fog and misting systems that are attractive and practical
• Deck jets that shoot narrow or arching water streams directly into your pool

4. Have a “Spillover Spa” Built

If you’re open to considering a more substantial investment to beautify your pool, consider creating a raised or in-ground spa with a stone wall next to your pool. Decorative and functional scuppers can then be added to allow water to spill over from the spa into your pool, which also gives you a series of mini waterfalls through each opening.

5. Add More Poolside Seating

A simple way to beautify your swimming pool is to create an attractive and comfortable seating area around it. Even if you already have some lounge chairs or other types of seating already set up, consider getting creative with options that could include:

• A small gazebo to provide shade
• Concrete benches
• A poolside dining area
• In-pool loungers

6. Explore Landscape Options

Landscaping can also have a big impact on the overall beauty of a pool and the surrounding area. There’s a lot of flexibility with this option. For example, you can simply add some attractive flowers, various grasses, and decorative rock formations. Of course, you’re also welcome to go further with poolside landscape themes. For instance, you might go with a tropical oasis look that includes exotic poolside fire features mixed in with tropical plants.

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