Tips for Avoiding Boredom in Your Pool

Tips for Avoiding Boredom in Your Pool

Pools have the potential to be nearly endless sources of outdoor fun, relaxation, enjoyment, exercise, and entertainment for people of all ages. Still, there may be times when you get a bit bored in your pool—which may also be an issue now and then for other pool users in your household, especially kids and teens. We’re pleased to report there are some things you can do if you’re finding yourself getting bored in your pool. The San Diego pool and spa pros from San Diego Pools offer the following suggestions.

Learn New Swimming Strokes

You may find yourself bored in the pool if you always use the same stroke when swimming. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a stroke you’re comfortable with, it can be a fun personal challenge to learn a few different swimming strokes so you can switch things up now and then. Just remember to pay attention to form and technique as you learn and practice new strokes.

Play Pool-Based Games

A great way to infuse some fun back into the pool experience is to play a pool-based game. For example, Marco Polo is a simple classic that’s still a fun favorite. It’s essentially a game of pool tag where the one who’s “it” yells “Marco!” and the other people in the pool reply “Polo!” until everyone is tagged. A similar game is sharks and minnows, with one person acting as the “shark” while standing turned around outside the pool. The other players in the pool are the “minnows.” Once someone is caught, he or she switches places and becomes the shark. Other possibilities with pool games that can eliminate boredom include:

• The mirror game, where the other person mirrors your actions in the pool and vice versa
• Water baseball or volleyball
• Diving board catch, which can be played with a foam football or other waterproof ball

Have Friendly Swimming Competitions

A little competition can be an instant way to have fun in a pool. One way to do this is by swimming laps with a friend or family member. Set a realistic goal for laps and see who achieves it first. Another possibility if you have a small group of pool users is to host your own “pool Olympics” and award homemade medals to those who swim the most laps.

Explore Different Pool-Based Forms of Exercise

If you use your pool for exercise on a regular basis, you may find yourself getting bored if you default to the same water-based exercises. As is the case with pool games, there are many options with aquatic activities that can be physically and mentally beneficial, some of which include:

• Water aerobics
• Aqua yoga
• Standing water push-ups
• Sports that can be water-based with specially designed accessories

Plan a Themed Pool Party

One other way to spice things up in and around the pool is with a theme party. This can be especially appealing if you have kids who are getting bored with the pool. But you can also enjoy more “grown-up” pool-based party themes, like a Hawaiian paradise theme with poolside tropical drinks and foods.

If you’re ready to transform your home into the perfect fun-filled summertime oasis with a pool, call on the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re the swimming pool builder San Diego families have trusted for more than forty years to turn their dreams into reality. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786 to learn how our innovative designs and high-quality custom construction can be ideal for you and your family.

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