5 Signs Your Pool May Need Remodeling

5 Signs Your Pool May Need Remodeling

Many pool owners in the San Diego area are perfectly happy with what they have in their backyards. However, if you’re no longer one of them for one reason or another, it may be time to consider a pool remodel. Below, we go over five of the more common indications suggesting you might benefit from a pool makeover.

1. Cracks or Other Visible Signs of Damage

Lining repair and retiling are among the possible ways to deal with unsightly cracks or other visible flaws. If the damage is more than aesthetic, your pool may need a more significant remodel. An experienced pool contractor can give you a better idea of what you’re dealing with and what options to consider.

2. Outdated Pool Appearance

Even if your pool’s surfaces are still in reasonably good shape, the overall look of the pool can still leave something to be desired. This is more likely to be the case if your pool is more than a decade or so old. You may also not be satisfied with your pool’s current appearance if it was already in place when you purchased your home and doesn’t really suit your tastes.

A pool remodel done primarily for the sake of updating appearance could include:

• Replacing tiles and/or the lining
• Installing a new pool deck
• Adding water features, such as bubblers or fountains
• Updating pool lighting
• Installing a hot tub or spa

3. Lack of Updated/Beneficial Safety Features

A pool is a static structure, so it will remain exactly the same from one year to the next. On the other hand, your needs and the needs of other people in your household can definitely change over time. For instance, if you now have younger children, pets, or older adults in your household, your pool may not have the appropriate safety or convenience features. Possibilities with a pool remodel done for the purpose of improving safety include:

• Extending the shallow end
• Installing a more secure safety fence and gate
• Replacing pool steps or ladders with sturdier ones
• Considering WiFi-based alarms and similar features that can help you monitor your pool

4. Equipment that’s Not Energy-Efficient

A big source of inefficiency in a swimming pool can be its equipment. This is more likely to be the case if your pool’s pump and other mechanical features are older. A pool renovation gives you the opportunity to explore newer pool equipment that’s much more energy-efficient. What’s more, investing in modern pool equipment can contribute to long-term savings.

5. Frequent Need for Pool Repairs

San Diego is a great place to own a pool, since you can easily keep using it well into the later months of the year. But if your pool has been mostly out of commission for repair work in recent years, a pool remodel may be what you’ll really benefit from most. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need a complete pool renovation. If budget is a concern, you could update your pool’s main mechanisms and make other updates later.

If you think your pool is due for a remodel, reach out to San Diego Pools, the pros with decades of experience. As the leading experts in San Diego pool construction, our team of design and construction professionals is dedicated to giving you exactly the pool you want and providing you with the highest-quality service in the industry. Give us a call today at 888-707-7786.

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