How to Transform Your Backyard Pool into a Luxurious Resort Oasis

How to Transform Your Backyard Pool into a Luxurious Resort Oasis

You can boost the value of your home by upgrading your backyard swimming pool, giving it the feel of a high-end pool that resembles those you find in resorts. Create a luxurious oasis where you can unwind and relax with new amenities that boost your pool’s aesthetic appeal. Below are some additions you can go over when speaking with a custom pool and spa builder to get the resort-style look and feel you want for your backyard.

Shaping & Lighting

The overall design of a pool is complemented by its shape. The shape and size selections will depend on the size of your yard. Oval, crescent, lagoon, pear, rectangle, trinity, and spartan are among the reshaping options. Choosing the correct pool coping is also necessary when reshaping. Natural stone, brick, concrete, and pavers are options for capping or edging.

The lighting you select is just as vital. Tiki torches are a popular choice for adding a festive touch. Other options include pool deck lighting, moonlighting, and lighting zones. The goal is for the landscape lighting to extend to other parts of the backyard, such as the garden or tree areas, in addition to the pool.

Seating & Water Features

Many guests reserve pool chairs for relaxing in comfort. If you want to create that kind of atmosphere in your backyard, consider adding appealing seating. To enhance the pool’s resort-like feel, you can incorporate built-in seating within the pool rather than solely relying on poolside lounge chairs. Additionally, you can install bar stools surrounding a real bar or incorporate pool tables that come with built-in seating.

Adding water features to the scenery is equally important. Examples include water slides, fountains, and waterfalls. These additions can create a vibrant atmosphere in the pool area, similar to the feeling of being at a sunny resort.

Shaded Area

While pools and their features are important, resorts provide shaded areas for those seeking relaxation without direct sunlight exposure. It can be as simple as adding a patio table with chairs and an umbrella, or you can make it more complex. For instance, a sail shade or personalized pergola can create the ideal shady spot in your yard for guests to retreat to. Consider sprucing up the porch with trellises, umbrellas, and chairs.

Surrounding Amenities

Enhance your backyard with pool furniture, fireplaces, and grills for a resort-style theme. The combination of a fireplace and pool water creates the desired ambience many vacationers seek when choosing their lodging accommodations. To bring that atmosphere to your backyard, speak with a custom spa and pool builder about installing fire pits, metal fire bowls, or twin fire pillars, and decide which option is best.

Transform your backyard into a mini-resort by adding upscale furniture around the pool and in lounging areas. Whether it’s deluxe cocktail tables or outdoor sofa beds, the furniture allows you to unwind in comfort. 

If you’re looking to create your own backyard oasis with a resort-style pool, make sure to work with an experienced pool designer. San Diego homeowners trust the expert team from San Diego Pools. We specialize in every aspect of pool and spa construction, from slides and waterfalls to in-ground spas and custom pool design. San Diego homeowners should call us today. We offer complimentary consultations and professional pool conceptual designs with all of our estimates.

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