How to Update a Pool that Looks Outdated 

How to Update a Pool that Looks Outdated 

Swimming pools can last for decades, and it’s common for certain features to go out of style over time. Just like you might update the paint colors in your home’s bathroom, you’ll find that swimming pools can use some refreshing as time goes by. Although the appeal of sparkling, cool water never goes out of style, taking a look at these features could reveal areas where your pool is starting to look dated.

Replace Outdated Tiles

For many years, ceramic and porcelain tiles in hues of blue and teal dominated the pool design industry. While a touch of color is still a good thing, more people are moving toward natural pool designs that blend into the landscape. Stone tiles have grown more popular in recent years, and you might want to update your pool with ones in beige, tan, and natural gray shades.

Refinish the Pool’s Interior

Chipped and cracked plaster instantly makes pools look dated, and stains can contribute to their unsightliness when they’re allowed to develop over time. If you prefer plaster, it’s still an option for refinishing the pool’s interior. However, you might want to upgrade to a pebble finish if your pool is prone to staining and you love the natural look. You could also opt for quartz, which gives you several color options with a sparkle that brings your pool into modern times.

Improve the Fencing

The majority of outdoor pools in California are required to have fencing around them. Older fences are often made of aluminum, which is a sturdy material. But you might prefer to take advantage of modern fencing options that include more durable materials, such as shatter-resistant glass and vinyl, that give pools a sleek look that stands the test of time.

Resurface the Deck

The area around your pool should feel like a relaxing space where you can gather with your friends and family as you dry off or just enjoy socializing while other people swim. Wooden decks tend to develop wear quickly due to exposure to moisture and large amounts of activity. Even concrete can develop pitting. Today, you have many options that include using stamped concrete, stone pavers, and other materials to create a custom deck that blends style with function.

Update the Décor Around the Pool

Many homeowners in the past tried to recreate the feel of a resort by using lush tropical plants, oversized stones, and fountains to fill in the areas around their pools. While you’ll still want to include some plant life, modern pools have a sleeker design. Ask your contractor about resort-style elements they can include in the pool’s design to give it an upgrade. Adding a grotto waterfall, sun shelf, or spillover spa can give you the luxury features you’re looking for that make it clear you value comfort and style.
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