Is It Worth the Cost to Heat My Pool?

Is It Worth the Cost to Heat My Pool?

Swimming pools, by nature, are meant to provide a welcome break from the summer heat, so it may seem counterproductive to opt for a heated pool. However, there are some appealing benefits and a few potential drawbacks to consider as you decide whether or not a heated pool is an investment that’s worth it for you.

Enjoying Multiple Health Benefits

Heated pools, which usually get somewhere within the 82 and 88 degree range, have the potential to ease joint and soft tissue pain, according to This is one of the many health benefits attributed to heated pools. Swimming, walking, or exercising in a heated pool has also been associated with:

• Reduced inflammation
• Increased relaxation
• Relief from muscle soreness
• Increased circulation and respiration

Avoiding “Cold Water Shock”

For some people, getting into a traditional pool can be a bit of a shock to the system. A heated pool prevents this problem by keeping the water a consistent and comfortable temperature that doesn’t surprise pool users. This is a perk worth considering if you or others in your household are bothered by the initial shock that goes along with sudden exposure to cold water.

Getting More Time to Use Your Pool

Even in a place like San Diego, where the weather is generally pleasant throughout much of the year, there are times when days and evenings get a bit too cold to comfortably use a swimming pool. Having a heated swimming pool gives you the opportunity to continue to spend time in your pool as the sun goes down. Also, you’ll be able to extend the pool season into the fall and possibly into the early winter if the weather allows. All this extra pool times gives you an excuse to:

• Host later-day pool parties
• Enjoy the beauty of fall while relaxing in warm water
• Plan more poolside activities
• Use your pool for therapeutic/health-related purposes

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Before going forward with plans for a heated pool, take a moment to consider the costs. The biggest investment with a heated pool is the heat pump that provides the heat for the water. Depending on the size of your pool and the specific model you opt for, heat pumps could cost as much as $5,000. However, some models are closer to the $2,000 range. Repair costs, though, tend to vary.

The Bottom Line points out modern heat pumps can cost only a few dollars a day to operate, since newer pumps are highly efficient. Also, if you invest in a durable pool cover, the heat in your pool can be retained to some extent when it’s not being used. Additionally, if you’re mindful of regular maintenance with the various parts of a heated pool, repair and upkeep costs can be kept in check. Ultimately, if the benefits associated with a heated pool discussed here appeal to you, it’s worth at least talking to a pool professional to discuss options.

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