Are There Benefits to Wearing Nose Plugs while Swimming?

Are There Benefits to Wearing Nose Plugs while Swimming?

Some swimmers prefer to hold their noses and close their mouths when underwater to avoid issues with swallowing pool water and chemicals. Of course, this does nothing to keep water from getting where it’s not welcome. This brings us to the topic of nose plugs. Some swimmers find them useful, while others find them to be a bit annoying. Below, we dive into the topic of nose plugs to look at whether or not nose plugs are beneficial for swimming.

Protecting against Bacteria

From a practical point of view, nose plugs keep bacteria from getting into your body. This is helpful when it comes to preventing certain illnesses. Contrary to popular belief, chemically treated pool water doesn’t kill all bacteria. However, the bacteria that tends to be more dangerous is usually taken care of with chlorine and other commonly used pool chemicals, including those used in a salt water pool.

Increasing Concentration

It’s generally easier to stay focused if you don’t have to deal with water going in and out of your nose. If you find this distracting, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality nose plugs you can use each time you swim. Being able to concentrate better could also improve your technique and time if you’re swimming competitively.

Protecting Your Nose if You Have Sinus Issues

Bacteria and other water-based irritants can get inside your sinus cavities. Avoid this issue by using nose plugs. Preventing water from getting into your sinus cavities also has the potential to minimize sinus issues when you’re not swimming. If you have serious or severe sinus symptoms, this is a benefit that can be very much appreciated. In addition to using nose plugs to protect your sinuses, consider wearing them for the following reasons:

• You recently had nose surgery
• You have a deviated septum
• You have issues with congestion
• You have a respiratory condition or illness

Working on Your Mouth Breathing

If you decide to use nose plugs on a regular basis, make sure you’re able to correctly breathe out of your mouth. This means timing your swimming strokes to coincide with when you turn your head to take in a breath to avoid potential issues with oxygen deprivation. Also, make an effort to take in more air after you exhale to compensate for the reduced oxygen intake when you’re using nose plugs.

Understanding Nose Plug Dos & Don’ts

It’s fine to use nose plugs, but be aware of some important things to keep in mind. For the sake of convenience, we break these down into a list of dos and don’ts:

• Do make sure you use nose plugs that fit properly
• Don’t use nose plugs if you have severe congestion or a really bad cold
• Do continue to use nose plugs if you find them comfortable and beneficial
• Don’t opt for a generic set of nose plugs if you have certain nose features, like a high bridge, that require customized nose plugs

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