Is a Hot Tub More Difficult to Maintain than a Pool?

Is a Hot Tub More Difficult to Maintain than a Pool?

Hot tubs typically take a bit more work to maintain than swimming pools. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to successfully and efficiently maintain your hot tub without too much inconvenience on your part. Read on for tips on hot tub care and maintenance as you explore your options for having an experienced pool contractor install a hot tub at your home.

Start with Weekly Water Testing

As is the case with a swimming pool, the water in your hot tub needs to be tested. With a hot tub, you’re looking for any irregularities or indications of poor water quality. If you get results that show something is off, add the recommended chemicals based on the results you get. Chemicals such as chlorine and bromine can be added as needed to sanitize your hot tub.

Do a Monthly Filter Cleaning & Draining

The filter in a hot tub can get dirty or clogged more easily than a pool, since a hot tub is a more confined area. Generally, it’s fine to clean your hot tub filter at least once a month. Do this more often during the times of the year when you use your hot tub more frequently.

Do a Good General Cleaning Every Few Months or So

Your hot tub needs to be properly cleaned every few months, based on usage. Do this by draining your hot tub and thoroughly cleaning it before filling it up again. Also, wipe down the control panel, pillows, and skirt along with the seating areas.

Do a Deeper Cleaning a Few Times a Year

There are times when your hot tub will benefit from a more thorough approach to cleaning. Taking this extra step a few times a year ensures your hot tub continues to operate efficiently and effectively. Do cleanings of this nature in the spring and fall, and take the following steps:

• Shut off the power and drain your hot tub
• Wipe the inside down with a mild cleaning product—vinegar works well, too
• Wipe the cover down with a cleaning product that’s also mild or non-abrasive

Note Any Mechanical Issues that Need to Be Taken Care of Professionally

As you do your general and deeper cleanings, take some extra time to make note of anything that seems out of the ordinary. Do this both before and after your cleanings. In some instances, the problem is simply dirt and debris that’s clogging filters or affecting other mechanical parts of your hot tub. When you run your hot tub again after it has been cleaned, anything that’s still noticeable should be checked out by a professional. Check with the store where you got your hot tub for recommendations if any repairs need to be made. This also gives you a chance to find out if you still have warranty coverage.

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