Makeup Tips for Pool Parties

Makeup Tips for Pool Parties

Pool parties are one of the best ways to spend time with your favorite people outdoors. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just gathering for a backyard barbecue, it’s always important to look your best. You can wear makeup to a pool party provided the host is fine with people wearing makeup in the water, but you’ll need to follow a few guidelines to make sure your look stays put.

Consider Your Swimming Style

At any pool party, you’ll see a variety of different approaches to swimming. There are always a few people who enjoy relaxing on the sidelines and lounging in chairs for a chat. Other people dive straight into the water and aren’t satisfied until they’ve done enough laps, flips, and other aquatic activities. Somewhere in the middle are those who get into the pool but keep their heads out of the water. 

If you plan to lounge on the sundeck or enjoy sitting on an in-pool bench, you can typically get away with wearing makeup. However, heavy swimmers can’t typically expect their makeup to last through serious underwater activities.

Choose Waterproof Makeup

If you decide to wear makeup, it’s best to go light to avoid having it contaminate the swimming pool water. Naturally, you’ll want to choose makeup that either contains sunscreen or that you can wear with your preferred skin protection products. 

Choosing waterproof makeup also prevents it from running down your cheeks and coming off in the water. Keep in mind you might want to do a brief trial run to make sure the makeup is truly waterproof if you’re using an unfamiliar brand. This is especially important with mascara and other dark-colored types of makeup.

Explore Waterproof Hairstyles

Wearing makeup isn’t the only way to look amazing poolside. On top of choosing the perfect swimsuit and breezy coverup, you’ll want to think about your hair. Swimming can naturally result in some tangles for people with long hair, and you can tame your tresses by styling them into cute buns or braids to stop them from floating around. 

Even if you don’t plan to get your hair wet, you’ll find that wearing your hair up prevents it from falling into the water. Plus, you can’t beat the feeling of the sun and breeze on the back of your neck on a gorgeous day.

Remember to Cleanse Your Skin

Swimming or lounging in the sun with makeup on can cause your skin to attract small particles of dirt and other contaminants. Stash some makeup wipes or face cleaning pads in your pool bag to remove any residue after your swim. Then reapply sunscreen if you plan to continue to spend time outdoors. You can also redo your makeup if you prefer to wear a non-waterproof product once you’ve finished spending time in the pool. 

Pool parties are a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends in a relaxed, comfortable environment. If you don’t already have a pool and you’re ready to add one to your home, call on the experienced pros at San Diego Pools. We’re the pool installer San Diego families have trusted for more than 40 years to turn their dreams into reality. Give us a call today to learn how our innovative designs and high-quality custom construction can be perfect for you and your family.

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